problem with xcdroast!


I´m using a Hp8100 burner,I have recompiled the kernel,with all the SCSI emulation etc, stuff configurated.I tried to do a "copy audio CD",first I saved the tracks to the HD,then burned successfully (I thought),now when playing the cd all I hear is large pops no music at all,what´s wrong here?

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tmossConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like you created a data CD of CDDA audio tracks. This won't work. Audio CD's and CD-ROMs are not the same thing. X-CD-Roast can copy audio CDs, within limits. Instructions on how to do this (and the limitations) can be found here:
There is a commercial program called MystBurn that may be able to handle audio CD duplication better but I haven't used it so I can't say for sure.
Try to play the tracks before burning and se if they are okay.
If you are going to copy whole audio-cds I can recommend using cdparanoia and cdrdao instead
(cdparanoia to rip the traks and cdrdao to burn.)
fahlisAuthor Commented:
I think I know what the problem was now,I tried to read the tracks to a fat32 partition,I read in the manual for xcdroast that I have to have a separate ext2 partition for it,the problem now is that I don´t have any spare space to use for it,I wonder if I do a repartition,will I loose the whole installation or?My fstab reads:

dev/hda    /        ext2      defaults   1 1
dev/hda12  /backup  auto   defaults   0 0
dev/hda6   /home    ext2     defaults   1 2
dev/hdb    /mnt/cdrom  iso9660  user,ro   0 0
dev/scd1   /mnt/cdrom1  iso 9660 user,ro   0 0
dev/hda7   /opt   ext2       defaults  1 2
dev/hda9   /tmp   ext2       defaults  1 2
dev/hda5   /usr   ext2       defaults  1 2
dev/hda8   /var   ext2       defaults  1 2
dev/hda1   /winc  auto      defaults  0 0
dev/hda10  /swap  swap   defaults  0 0
dev/fd0    /mnt/floppy  ext2  noauto,owner  0 0
none       /proc   proc  defaults  0 0
none       /dev/pts   devpts  gid=5,mode=620  0 0

Can I for instance resize one of the ext2 partitons,I have much space left on several of them.Can I use partiton magic for it?Or shall I use Diskdruid instead?
Other than what you can see in my fstab I have a ntfs partition with win2000 on it,which I can´t get mounted.
Well,sorry if I got a little off the root question but I hope to get the required help anyway.


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You probably don't technically HAVE to have a separate partition for X-CD-Roast, but it's a good idea. Mostly, you need adequate free space.
If you do decide to create a new partition, the latest Partition Magic (version 4) will allow you to resize any of your partitions (including ext2) without losing data. The best bet is to shrink existing partitions and free up space at the end of the drive for a new partition. Then you won't have to worry about the existing partition numbers changing, which would likely cause NT/Win2000 to have a fit.
fahlisAuthor Commented:
strange,because when I choose the ext2 partition as read partiton it says it needs to be formatted before using it to read the tracks to,do you know why?I know there´s space left on it.
Oh,and xcdroast sees it as a one big partition LBA mode.
it can´t see all those ext2 partitions.

hmmm, not showing the partitions properly sounds like a bug. Do you have a fairly large drive? You may want to submit that to the authors of the software.
In lieu of a separate partition, have you considered using an Image-Data-Path. If you have free space, this will work. Does X-CD-Roast show the directories properly at least?
fahlisAuthor Commented:
well,my drive is 17GB,so it´s fairly big.This is what Xcdroast shows when I´m to choose image partiton in the HD setup:

/dev/hda1  4000MB     (b  win95 FAT32)
/dev/hda2  196MB      (83  Linux native)
/dev/hda3   12276MB   (f  win95 Extended (LBA)  )

I can save it to winc,then it gets the extension .cdr i.e
audio01.cdr,is this correct?Shouldn´t it be audio01.wav instead?
And when I try to read the tracks to,my ext2 partiton,for instance /home (which as you know is a separate partition
inside the extended one),it says "can´t read audio tracks to an unformatted partiton,formatting of the image partiton is neccesary",and I can format it from there,but the question is,will it format only the /home partiton,or will it format
the whole extended one,I don´t wanna try it before I know
it´s safe.


I wouldn't chance anything with the home directory and formatting. Just put it to the winc partition. Unfortunately, I can't tell you why it doesn't show the partitions in the extended space.
And, no, they should not be .wav files. That would imply that you converted the audio to something that could be played on a computer. That is not the goal. You're extracting the audio CD data (known as CDDA) directly, for playing on an audio CD player. Such a player would have no idea what to do with a .wav file. That's a computer audio format
fahlisAuthor Commented:
OK,so you´re saying that the .cdr extension on the imagepartition is corrrect?I mean when you do this in windows it gets the .wav extension.By the way I also find an audio01.inf file there too.Anyway when I burn the imagetracks to a cdr,it gets the right extension .cda,but it won´t play in my homestereo,as I said before it only produces clicks and pops,no sound.So any idea what the problem is then?

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