How can i create a VCD from Tape ?

How can i make a VCD from Tape using regular computer,  writer and capture card ?
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tull77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Step 1
First of all you need a board to capture the video signal converting to a file (.avi or .mpg).

If your board encodes directly to .mpg (like adaptec videoh)
you need to activate the vcd mpg parameters in the capture program and after capturing go to step 2;

If your board captures to avi, use a 1 field capture mode in vidcap program (Pal352x288 or NTSC352x240 resolution).
When avi is done you must encode it to a .mpg using an mpeg encoder program like xing, panasonic, ligos, avi2mpg, dvmpg, etc. Remember to select vcd mode in these programs (pal or ntsc depending by your system).

Step 2
When you have a videocd compliant .mpg file you need to burn a cd with a program able to make a videocd like: winoncd 3.5/3.6,
Nero, Adaptec easy cd creator 4.0, Cequadrat videopack4, etc.
You must select videocd mode before burning as these programs transforms your .mpg file to a .dat file in a specific folder and with the correct layout for playing cd on dvd player (standalone), cdi reader, etc.
If you burn your .mpg file directly to a cdrom without following these tips, you will be able to read it only with your cdrom player.
More info at
rajansAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. is a very good site
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