SCSI HD Inst. along with 4 ide drives---need advice

I bought a new housing (aopen Hx98) in order to have more room for hard drives. I want to use my scsi hd as boot drive (and innstall w98 SE) I have a AHA 2940UW SCSi card, SCSI pioneer cd rom, Traxdata 4x cd burner and 4 6.5 gb ide drives. I havent used the scsi hd as boot drive before, and was wondering if anybody can explain (step by step plz,) how to get the scsi disk innstalled without to much trouble.
Should i first install the scsi hd and wait until after w98 SE is installed with the ide drives. Which command is used in order to make the scsi hd bootable?

Thanks in advance

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Jack_wConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for the points :-)
Depends on your SCSI card and BIOS.
You don't need to do anything with IDE drives.
Enter the BIOS of your Adaptec card, search for option to try boot device from that card - I think there is such option there.
Another thing - in your BIOS (Setup) look for "Boot sequence" or "Boot devices", and see if you can make SCSI device one of them (know many boards that support it).
like "A,SCSI,C" or something like it.
Then you'll have your system booting from SCSI HD.
Most important - to boot from SCSI HD it must be on
SCSI ID 0 - so if you have some device that uses SCSI ID 0, move it to another ID.
This SCSI card is capable of booting just fine without making any changes to it.

The systems BIOS does need to support booting of of the SCSI drive as stated.

You don't necesarily need the hard drive to be on ID zero.  But it is good practice.
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If you need all the steps from getting an empty new SCSI HD till getting it started - then :
(first - I suppose you know some about computers so I don't get too deep explaining, I assume you'll get the thing done)
1) locate the SCSI ID on your HD and put it on something that is NOT 0.
2) connect the HD.
3) Boot in DOS mode (or get out of your Windows if you have it installed on IDE HD or boot from boot diskette if you have nothing - and don't forget to have FDISK.EXE FORMAT.COM SYS.COM on the diskette).
4) run FDISK
5) in FDISK use "Change physical drive" to change to your SCSI HD
6) add partitions to your SCSI HD.
7) exit FDISK and reboot
8) format all the new drives that you got (format the first of them using /s switch - put system files on it).
9) if you don't have boot diskette, prepare one ("sys a:" will do it, and then put FDISK on it)
10) turn computer off, take out your SCSI HD and put it on SCSI ID 0
11) start the system using boot diskette
12) enter FDISK, use "Set active partition" on the 1st partition of the SCSI drive.
13) make the HD system, if you didn't yet ("SYS c:")
14) reboot
15) if the HD boots - everything's OK, you can install Win98.
About FDISK - if you want to use Win98, don't forget you have FAT32 option, and if you want, you can use FDISK and system of Win98 and make the HD FAT32 - just when fdisk asks you if you want to enable large drive support you say "yes".
If you get stuck somewhere - post the location...;-)
And if I helped you - don't forget the points.
LavenderAuthor Commented:
thanks for answers.
I got it working on my own (scsi boot)
The problem now is that i cant get ide hd 4 and 5 to work, (bios doesnt auto detect them) have tryed every jumper setting...anyone

Jack: Great answer, post it, i`ll pass the points.

P.s id on the scsi drive is 5, works fine as long as i choose id 5 is boot drive,

Check for secondary conroller enabled in peripherals, for the beginning (since both of them went away)..
But - hopefully - your cable was disconnected slightly from the board. Hope it's that. Also - if you removed that cable and put it back, check for polarity (system works very rarely with wrong polarity, even on the secondary) - red line on data cable to the power cable.
Not helping - post symptoms...
LavenderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for reply Jack W

I had to go and buy a new motherboard today.

IDE 2 on my aopen mainboard decided to take the night, but thanks again :-)

Well...hoped it didn't go that bad
But good luck anyway, and thanks for the points
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