Configure sound ESS Solo-1

I am trying to activate my ESS Solo-1 sound, (located on my motherboard).  sndconfig was not successful.  I found some help from "Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Project" @
I extracted the .tar files as instructed.
When I try to "./configure --with-isapnp=yes --with debug=yes", I get the following:  CONFIG ERROR: no acceptable cc found in $PATH
What is going wrong here? Do I need to extract and run "configure" in a special directory?  Right now I just extracted and ran the configure command in a new directory I created to work in.
My Linux version is 2.2.9-19mdk  Linux-Mandrake MacMillian Distribution 6.0.

Thanks for helping!
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DVBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Add /usr/bin to your regular path (edit /etc/bashrc). Check if the makefile has a default path variable mentioned internally. Edit that string by hand.

The recommended process sounds normal.
gregchavezAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
cc is the compiler.
Do you have a compiler installed?
If you do, add the location of the compiler (usually /usr/bin) to your path. You will also need the development libraries.
gregchavezAuthor Commented:
Thank you DVB!
I do have a compiler installed.  Where in the
"./configure --with-isapnp=yes --with debug=yes"
command do I add the '/usr/bin path?
I also have the libraries in another .tar file.  The instructions say to configure those next, following with the utilities last.  Does this sound like normal course of operations for what I am trying to do?
gregchavezAuthor Commented:
Thanks DVB!  Sounds good.  I will try it when I get some time.
I appreciate the help.
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