Netscape windows DISAPPEAR.

All of the open Netscape windows disappear when I;

1) choose file/close or click the 'x' on the top right corner.
2) enter a password or press cancel in password authentication pop-up.

already tried chkfontpath.

What can I do?

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crouchetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this problem is solved, please take it off the active list.
Installing the latest version may or may not solve this.

This happens to me too (netscape 4.7).
I get a "bus error" when this 2 netscape bug occurs.
oktayaAuthor Commented:
I hear that it has something to do with KDE.
I don't get any error messages though (may it's on the console window, I don't know).

Which window manager do you use? KDE?

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if you run netscape from a terminal window, do you get any error messages in the terminal when it crashes? It does not appear to be just a KDE problem as it happens in Gnome also. It seems, at this point, to be a problem with Netscape 4.7 in general. I have heard this from several people using various configurations and distributions. Going back to 4.61 seems to work better.
oktayaAuthor Commented:

I am running 4.61 and haven't upgraded to 4.7. I don't think it will be any better being released under AOL's ownership :).

Anyways, I'll try to find the solution or I'll find an other browser.

thanks for you comments.

if you know the answer please let me know :)

Are you planning on finding another browser? Netscape is only good with Slackware (that is the best Linux distribution ever) but it's still a very crappy program. Try StarOffice's browser, it's the best thing I've seen in a while.
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oktayaAuthor Commented:
Let me earn some points from my own question.

I have donwloaded and installed Mandrake's own 4.7 rpm from their update site.

I don't have the problem I described anymore.

Some minor problems remain though. Fortunately I can live with them. Thanks to all who tried to help.

oktayaAuthor Commented:
Sorry , I didn't quite know how it worked. You get some points now I guess.
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