Mandrake Install fails with signal 7??

Every time I try to install Mandrake 6.0, it fails about 2/3 of the way in with the following error message:

Install exited abnormally -- recieved signal 7
sending termination signals...done
sending kill signals...done
unmounting filesystems...
you may safely reboot your system

If I reboot, I have to start over again, and it fails again.
Any suggestions?
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try turning off the CPU-cache feature in the bios

if the problem persists (assuming that your linux distribution is in good shape) please have a look at it could be a hardware error in memory or on the bus.


I ran into similar problems with amd 586 processor on two different boxes. Also took several tries to get RH 6.0 to install on same two boxes. Changed cpu, memory, cooling fans, underclocked them, overclocked them. Swapped out supported video cards, NIC, mice, hard drives, etc.,, including disabling cache.  Had Slackware  cdrom laying around so tried it. Installed like a champ, so I got the latest release (4.0) and it installed great too, so I converted.  Also had the same problem with 2 MII300 processors and believe the cpu simply got too hot. Turned the box off for half hour, opened the case and set it directly in front of cool breeze from airconditioner.  Again, no problems with these boxes with Slackware install, so it is hard to believe problem was really hardware, and I get reliable service from all.  Suggestions: try different processor, increase cooling, or try distro with less  automated install like Slackware or Debian. I suspect they don't work the processor as hard during install.  Good luck.
Did you boot from floppy disk when you install it?

mandrake 6.0 boot diskette got a bug.  Go to

to download the new floppy disk image.

use \dosutils\rawrite.exe in the first CD to create the disk from the image.

boot with this disk, u'll b fine

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dreimerAuthor Commented:
Thank's, that's the answer I was looking for!
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