Auto subject in email tag

I use the same email for a few sites and I have seen it where you can have a subject automatically put in when someone clicks your email.

I want this so I can get a quick idea of which site they are emailing about.  How do I do this.  I know it is easy but I can't find the way.

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MasseyMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<A HREF=" is the Subject Line">Email me</A>
In your "mailto:" tags use:"This is the site I am coming from"

This may NOT work for all browsers (or versions thereof), but it will work in many cases.

FWIW, the user can always change this once the email message is opened up.

The same technique can pretty much work if you are using CDONTS/IIS with ASP.  It's a little more 'secure' in that the client is not really composing the email message.  That is done by the server.

Actually, Matt is right and quicker.


My syntax was off.

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