MSXML ie4.0

Anyone know if you can parse XML islands with the IXMLDocument interface?  If so can you pass along a sample parseable statement?  thanks
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The following sample is in the MSDN Library that comes with Visual Studio 6.0.

Sample 1: Parsing an XML file

#define UNICODE

#include <windows.h>
#include <windowsx.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <io.h>
#include <urlmon.h>
#include <hlink.h>
#include <dispex.h>
#include "mshtml.h"
#include "msxml.h"

#define ASSERT(x)  if(!(x)) DebugBreak()
#define CHECK_ERROR(cond, err) if (!(cond)) {pszErr=(err); goto done;}
#define SAFERELEASE(p) if (p) {(p)->Release(); p = NULL;} else ;

int _cdecl main (int argc, char **argv)
    PSTR pszErr = NULL;
    IXMLDocument           *pDoc = NULL;
    IStream                *pStm = NULL;
    IPersistStreamInit     *pPSI = NULL;
    CHAR                   buf[MAX_PATH];
    CHAR                   *pszURL;

    HRESULT hr;

    // Check usage.
    if (argc != 2)
        fprintf (stderr, "Usage:   %s URL\n", argv[0]);
        fprintf (stderr, "Eg %s c:\\nt\\private\\inet\\xml\\test\\channel.cdf\n", argv[0]);
        fprintf (stderr, "or %s http://ohserv/users/julianj/msnbc.cdf\n", argv[0]);
        exit (1);

    // HACK if passed in a file name; expand if it doesn't look like a URL.
    if (CompareStringA(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, NORM_IGNORECASE, argv[1], 7, "http://", 7) == CSTR_EQUAL)
        pszURL = argv[1];
        pszURL = buf;
        GetFullPathNameA(argv[1], MAX_PATH, pszURL, NULL);

    hr = CoInitialize(NULL);

    // Create an empty XML document.
    hr = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_XMLDocument, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER,
                                IID_IXMLDocument, (void**)&pDoc);

    CHECK_ERROR (pDoc, "CoCreateInstance Failed");

    // Synchronously create a stream on a URL.
    hr = URLOpenBlockingStreamA(0, pszURL, &pStm, 0,0);    
    CHECK_ERROR(SUCCEEDED(hr) && pStm, "Couldn't open stream on URL")
    // Get the IPersistStreamInit interface to the XML doc.
    hr = pDoc->QueryInterface(IID_IPersistStreamInit, (void **)&pPSI);
    CHECK_ERROR(SUCCEEDED(hr), "QI for IPersistStreamInit failed");

    // Init the XML doc from the stream.
    hr = pPSI->Load(pStm);
    //CHECK_ERROR(SUCCEEDED(hr), "Couldn't load XML doc from stream");

        printf("%s : XML File is well formed \r\n",argv[0]);

        // Print error information !
        IXMLError *pXMLError = NULL ;
        XML_ERROR xmle;

        hr = pPSI->QueryInterface(IID_IXMLError, (void **)&pXMLError);
        CHECK_ERROR(SUCCEEDED(hr), "Couldn't get IXMLError");


        hr = pXMLError->GetErrorInfo(&xmle);
        CHECK_ERROR(SUCCEEDED(hr), "GetErrorInfo Failed");

        printf("%s :", argv[0]);
        wprintf(TEXT(" Error on line %d. Found %s while expecting %s\r\n"),

done: // Clean up.
    // Release any used interfaces.

    if (pszErr)
        fprintf (stderr, "%s, last error %d\n", pszErr, GetLastError());
    return 0;
mnguyen021997Author Commented:
I have it parsing standard XML fine.  I just need to know if anyone has gotten it to work with XML islands.  An island is an embedded XML snippet in the body of an HTML Document.  I therefore want to be able to point the IXMLDocument pointer to the URL and have it dissect the XML island from the innards of a HTML page.
mnguyen021997Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 150
IE4 doesn't support data islands. IE5 does.

See the xml_data_islands sample that comes with the MSDN IE5 Workshop.

..B ekiM

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