keyboard freeze after installation complete

I installed linux-mandrake 6.1 (macmillan 6.5 delux). everything went ok with installation. rebooting after install shows the login screen. but type anything on the keyboard has no effect what so ever. this is repeated several times. hardware is Toshiba 4030CDT without internal modem. any clue?
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mwnConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If your laptop has APM (Power Management), you should be able to "suspend" your laptop and then turn it on again. Now your keyboard should work !

The workaround for this is to disable gpm (mouse support in the console) in the console and only use the mouse in X-windows.

This worked for me in RedHat 6.0.

Another thing that helped was to upgrade my kernel to kernel 2.2.12 !


do you start in runlevel 5 (graphical) or runlevel 3 (text mode...) ?
wqzhongAuthor Commented:
it looks like it's in text mode, although I am not hundred persent sure whether it is runlevel 3.
wqzhongAuthor Commented:
thanks for the answer! I suspected the mouse might be a problem so tried installing again with mouse option set to no mouse and this worked, although I could not start X. Your answer is excellent and I will try it. Thanks again.
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