Linux and Windows Peer to Peer?

I have installed Linux Mandrake (Red Hat) 6.5.  The machine is on a home network which includes Win95/98 machines and a cable modem capable of DHCP, connected directly to the network's hub (Ethernet,10baseT).  I have internet access by Netscape over the Linux box.  Can I connect with the other Win9x boxes on the local network through TCP/IP as peer-to-peer using DHCP without making the Linux box a gateway?  How do I do it?  Is it a good way to go?  I'd rather not keep the Linux box running all the time.
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RonJDAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Well i would do that another way.
First install 2 nic on the linux.
eth0 connected on the hub (ip
eth1 modem-cable (dchp)

make the linux dhcp server to assign ip address to other computers on the network.
do masquerading with the linux so computers on the network will have access on the internet.

on the clients side... do nothing :) just assign ip address throught dhcp (linux)

You can use linuxconf (./linuxconf from the prompt or in X-term) to configure your dhcp server & firewall/masquerading

Good Luck !

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