how can i delete multiple entries in outlook 98

how can i delete multiple entries in outlook 98
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jjmcdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just like in Windows Explorer

Select the first - hold down the shift key, select the last, then press the Del key.

Alternatively, hold down the control key while pressing individual entries to delete.

tamccannAuthor Commented:
I am talking about a global delete of multiples.  I had 3 failed attempts whn importing contacts and even though I "checked" overwrite duplicates during importing, I still recieved duplicates.  I have gone through and done some deleteing manually, but I have multiple copies of emails and calendar dates and the process of deleteing these manually is too time consuming.  Any ideas?
Ohhh yuck.  It wasn't evident from your question that's what you wanted.  I've run into the same thing, usually as a result of pilot error :-))  I ended up deleteing them manually - seems like this has happened more than once.

One thing I do, tho, is to copy the whole folder into a new personal folder which is living on my hard drive (rather than a shared drive or the server).  Then the manual stuff goes a lot faster.  Since it's generally only at home when I can get the time to do this stuff, I tend to make a new profile with only local folders so that I can be completely offline.  If you're not on the network, Outlook's performance is tolerable.  It's awfully chatty, tho, and even on a fast network it can be slow - on a dialup hopeless.
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