How much is my laptop worth?

I have a computer with these specifications:

Laptop (Gateway Solo, I am not sure of the model number)
Pentium 75mz
24mb RAM
510mb hard drive, IDE 16mbps
2mb Video RAM, no 3d acceleration (2d only)
Some cheap Ensonique (sp?) sound card.
Finger tracking pad
PCMCIA Network Card
One lithium ion battery.
Modular 4x CD Rom / Disk drive
Windows 95
Leather carry case

It's used and was purchased in late 1995.  How much is it worth?  Points go to the person who gives the most information to justify their answer.  Please post questions is I have not included all the relevent information.
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In theory, it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

In practice that can be tricky.  I restore old cars as a hobby and have sold several for FAR more than any book valued them at and vice versa.  

It all depends on HOW you want to sell it and WHO you're willing to sell it to.

The "book" value of that laptop is in the vicinity of $100-$200.  

You can get that and maybe more by "selective advertising".  

Ever heard the saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure"?  You can get more money for it from someone that needs it - ie. College student.

Try posting an ad on bulletin boards at a local college or university or in the college paper.  Your target will be more focused on someone that may have a need for an older machine and is willing to pay for it.  If there's a need for it, it's worth more.  

You can also donate it to a charity and take the write off.  Be careful not to over-value it on your return though.
bobjoeAuthor Commented:
This is not an "answer".  Blueforce's comment was much more thorough.  I am looking for reasoning behind a conclusion.  Can anyone else provide any input here?  Thanks.

Also, by locking it, you've effectively eliminated potential input for this question.  Please think about what you are going to do before you do it.
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>In theory, it's worth whatever someone
>is willing to pay for it.

This is absolutely right!  But how do you go about figuring out what it's worth?  Unlike the well established used car market and the "blue book" the resale market for computers is not nearly so well defined and "used equipment guides and services" are much less reliable.  One good source is to survey similar items which have ACTUALLY SOLD on auction services like EBay.  For example:

Shows a slightly better model (P90) that went for $400.  So yours is almost certainly worth less than that.  You'll also see a lot of auctions which closed without any bids due to a too high asking price.

It would really help to know the model # as the SOLO brand has been used by Gateway on many different models.
bobjoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input jhance.  Would you happen to know how I can find the model number of the computer?  I looked in some of the documentation, but couldn't find it.  Do you know specifically where I can find it?

I will be sure to divide points fairly in case of additional input.
Every brand is slightly different but in almost all cases, the model # will be on the unit.  Look at the bottom for a label or sticker.  It should have the Serial # and Model # on it.  Do you have the original paperwork with it from Gateway?  Surely the model is on it.  If all else fails, call Gateway.  I'm sure one of their tech support types can help you locate the model number.  It's probably the 1st thing they will want to do.

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bobjoeAuthor Commented:
Hmm, I still can't seem to find it.  It's not worth the bother.

The link you provided to the ebay item was of much use.  I looked around and found that most other computers of similar configuarion sold for approximately the same amount.

As your comment was most helpful, I have accepted your comment as an answer with an A grade.
bobjoeAuthor Commented:
Oops, wrong comment.  Oh well.
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