Shuttle Hot-591P and AMD K6-2 450AFX

Besides the fact that shuttle is a "bad
buy" has anyone successfully made this
combination work?

I continually get hard system locks
randomly, (only a restart will resolve)

According to Shuttle this processor
should work. I've tried many things
(different voltage settings, cache
settings and everything I could find
on the net.) but nothing works, I'm
thinking the board is just not
compatible with this processor.

I've tested the Hard Disk, and created
fresh install of Windows 98 SE to
eliminate Software problems.

Any thoughts? Thank you...
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Ziidle, simply put, that processor won't work on that board. The only Shuttle board that that processor has remotely worked successfully on is the 599.

Here's the list from AMD for your review. We've tried it at customers request and it just won't pass final test.



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ziidleAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
Anytime my friend!
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