Modem not found after Win98 install

Do to other problems, I have had to format c: and reinstall Win98 SE.  Since reinstalling, my computer is not finding my modem.  I never had an issue with my modem before (except it's not as fast as I wish it was).  When I go to Control Panel/Modems, it won't find the modem.  It also won't find a modem if I go through Add/Remove Hardware.  
I have tried installing the drivers I downloaded from the Rockwell site (through the have disk function) but nothing.  When I go to the diagnostics/More Info button, it states the modem failed to respond, with the identifier set as PCI/CXT1035.
I have tried COM1, Interupt 4, address 3F8, UART NS16550AN and also COM2, interupt 3, address 2F8, same UART.  It won't left me assign any other COM port other than 1 or 2.
After reading other peoples questions, I have tried running SFC and nothing changed.  All it found were 2 corrupt .dll files which it replaced.  I have opened the box and verified the modem is seated properly.  Again, I did not have any problems before reinstalling Win98, and have not had any reason to touch the modem prior to now.
Here are my system specs.  Let me know if you want more info and how to get it, and I'll do it. The modem worked prior to my having to format c: and load Win98 SE.  It came with the computer and Win98 was installed when I got it.  The Win98SE disk is not the one that came with the computer as that disk was not SE and is missing files.
ABS Computers  AMD k6-2 380Mhz, 128M RAM, 36x CD-ROM and an HP CD-RW.  The only info I have on the modem is the install instructions state to chose Rockwell HCF 56K Modem, Fax/Data.  The specs when I bought the computer (over the internet) stated it was going to be a V.90 Technology Data/Fax/Voice modem.
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dspieckerAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
If it's a PCI modem, try moving to a different slot and see if it identifies it when you boot up.
Yes, what kind of modem do you have?
If it is a internal modem, like a PCI modem, do what nomadic1
If it is an external modem (you have to plug it in a serial port), make sure that the COM port you are using is enabled (sometimes you have to go in the Setup to do that) and that
there is no resource conflict.
A resource conflict would be noticed in the Control Panel/System
by a yellow exclamation point.

Also, is your BIOS plug and play?
You might want to disable that, because sometimes it causes
detection problems.

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in the device manager is anything showing under other devices??  If no, try going into safe mode(ctrl after POST), and check device manager there.  
Take your driver disk and copy ALL *.INF files for your modem

Next go to CONTROL PANEL, then to SYSTEM, then to DEVICE
MANAGER, click on the + beside OTHER or OTHER DEVICES,
(if listed) highlight each item here one by one and remove

Look also in DEVICE MANAGER for any listing for PCI COMMUNICATION DEVICE OR HCF MODEM, if you find these
remove them also.

When you finish with all this, return to the windows desktop.
shutdown your computer.  turn of your computer.

Turn your computer back on, let WINDOWS boot up normally,
and when windows finds NEW HARDWARE, PUT YOUR DRIVER
DISK in A;\ drive and let windows copy the drivers fro your modem.  The first thing that Windows will setup is HCFMODEM,
or PCI COMMUNICATION DEVICE which is the virtual PORT
for your modem.  Windows will then begin to set up the
working part of your modem and will assign a virtual COM
Port and IRQ.

If you follow these steps correctly, your modem should begin to work.
dspieckerAuthor Commented:
OK.  Lets see where we are at.  Thanks for the suggestions, but so far, no change.  First I tried moving the modem to a different slot, still not detected.  Next, I tried removing the com ports and any reference of the modem in Device Manager, rebooted, no change.  It finds the com ports but not the modem.  I tried turning off PNP, no change.  I tried booting into safe mode and the Device Manager is the same as in regular mode.  Lastly, I tried Satwa's suggestions step by step.  I never got a pop up box for the HCF Modem, but did get one for the PCI Serial Controller.
What seems to be happening is it is finding a PCI Serial Controller, but I have no drivers for that. Searching the hard drive and the Win98 disk is still not finding a driver, so it is showing in Device Manager under Other devices with a yellow exclamation mark.  Dbl clicking shows no drivers installed.  
I looked at the modem. It states Rockwell on two of the chips.  The driver I downloaded is Conexant HCF 56K Speakerphone PCI Modem (Rockwell has changed their name to Conexant).  Let me know if there is more info I can give you.  
that is the HCF MODEM part.

You have the wrong drivers- Rockwell has not changed their
name ot Conexant.  Conexant is one of the thousands that
use ROCKWELLS OEM chips to make their modem.

Post your card's FCC NUMBER here plus your e-mail address
and I will e-mail you the correct driver.

When you have the right driver you will have to repeat ALL
the steps in my comment above.
dspieckerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  Here is what you asked for.
FCC#:  H8NTAI-25712-M5-E

Also on the modem were two other numbers.  Most likely part numbers, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to give them to you.
P/N: 93439151

try is an askey modem

Make sure you give Satwa the points, he did all the work
More info on the modem can be found at...
I have a conextant modem and had the same problem under Win98.  My solution consisted of searching both the devices under the system "file" in the control panel and the "modems" file.  I eliminated all references to com ports and the modem, removing the modem for the next boot cycle.  After geting the com ports arbitrated correctly I shut off the machine, re-installed the pci modem and rebooted.  It recognized the "new" pci device and installed an interrupthandler for the pci device and requested the device drivers.  You will need the device driver disks, but once it was installed it worked like a charm until I had to re-install the system.
I have sent you the correct drivers by e-mail.

Check the Model number carefully on your modem.

If it is: 1456VQH-P use MODEM DRIVER FILE: V56HP.ZIP



Go to the C;\>prompt and type: MD MODEM and press enter.

This creates a directory called C:\MODEM.


Next go to C:\MODEM>prompt and type:
COPY *.INF C:\WINDOWS\INF and press enter.

NEXT go to DEVICE MANAGER and remove any and ALL MODEM
listings or entries,  ANY AND ALL HCF MODEM entries and listings, and remove ALL listings under OTHER or OTHER DEVICES.

Shut down your compute normally, turn off your computer,
re-boot and when WINDOWS finds NEW HARDWARE point
WINDOWS  to C:\MODEM to load the correct drivers.

if you do this carefully you will then have your modem working.
dspieckerAuthor Commented:
OK.  I have tried to update this question for two days but kept getting a server error.  Hope this works or I am typing for no reason.

Satwa, I never got your email.  Maybe spelled my name wrong.  

imatech22, I went to the website you suggested, but the specific driver you were pointing to was not right.  Mine was just 1456VQH-R (without the V at the beginning).  I did find the one I needed elsewhere on the Askey site.  It was the 56R.ZIP that Satwa tried to send.

I followed Satwa's instructions and now have a modem that works.  Thank you very much.  Is there a way to give some of the points (like 25 or 50) to imatech22 as he did lead me to the website.  Otherwise the points should go to Satwa for giving me all the instructions and trying to send the right file.

Let me know how you suggest to handle it.  Thanks again.
The e-mail did not come back to me.  it was 3.78MB in size as
I sent you the complete driver set from the CD-ROM that come with your modem.  Check with your e-amil host they may have
discarded it for being over your message size limit.

Anyway I am glad that your modem is now working, and as far
as I am concerned you can divide you the points anyway that is
easiest for you.
give them to Satwa, he did the work, i just searched the fcc id to find the manufacturer
dspieckerAuthor Commented:
OK Satwa.  They're yours.  Hotmail only accepts up to 2000k.  
Thank you dspiecker.

If I had known that Hormail only takes 2000k, I would have sent you 2 different e-mails.  It seems strange that they did
not return the e-mail to me as undeliverable. Normally when I
send e-mail to one of the low MB rate web mails, they return
return it to me.

Anyway I post this as my answer.

Thanks to you also imatech22.

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dspieckerAuthor Commented:
Hotmail is Microsoft and we all know what that means.  Thanks for your help.
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