Drive Error!!!

I have win98 when i reboot my system sometime i see drive name c:, D: and E: which is right but sometime All of my files from drive D: move to E: and D: became 0 bytes, and if i reboot 3 -4 times it's works fine,
Is my hard drive affected by any virus????
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kennetxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I read through your question and something struck me. I seems to have this problem also( few years back ).

Ok, I'll repeat your question onces again just in case I miss out anything you said ( If I have , correct me then ).

First, you said that you have win98 when you reboot your system sometime you see drive name C:, D: and E: which is right.

** At this point , under normal cirumstances, you should have a C,D & E Drive, and they are all seperated drive ( no partitioning or whatever ),am I right to say so?

Next you also mentioned that sometimes all of my files from drive D: move to E: and D: became 0 bytes, and you have to reboot 3 -4 times to get it's works.

** Ok ,I 've got it.I know what wrong with it. There are 2 possible reason why this problem occurs. Before that, you might want to check out the following:

1. Are C & D connected together or D & E Connected together?

2. Is D a HDD or a ZIP? If it is a ZIP Drive , avoid connecting with another IDE device such as CD_ROM drive or HDD.

3. Are any of the HDD different from each other? If yes , it might be incompetiable. Spilt them by connecting one to Primary , the other to Seconadry.

4. One of your solution , like I said , Split them. Let the C'drive boot without sharing with other IDE devices.
This will nail down the incompatiablities problems with HDD.

5. The other solution , it might be the FAT that has been corrupted. On the other hand, it may be your WIN_98 IDE devices problems. Try to run the "Add new Hardware",see whether does it help. If it doesn't then chances is that you have to start from a clean installation which I did.    

Is your hard drive affected by any virus????

*** Do you update your Virus DAT files regularly? Anyway , I don't think so. Since it is a intermittent problem.

Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
bcp, what is your drive C, D, E harddisk,zip drive or cdrom or dvdrom etc...         pslh
sounds like a corrupt master boot record.  I'm guessing your drive is partitioned?  If so, try moving all your files off D to C, which doesn't sound corrupt, or even better, if possible, move the files to another hard drive.  Then perform FDISK on the D partition/drive to possibly repair it's identity.  If you have two drives, best thing to do is to move everything off the D and C drive to another hard drive and do FDISK /MBR to target just the master boot record.  Moving the files will ensure you don't lose data.
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kennetx, you have been asked repeatedly not to post questions as answers. You have been reminded repeatedly as to the protocol that the techs here observe as to blocking a questioners question with troubleshooting questions. You haven't posted a solution, you have posted a question as an answer, which effectively removes this problem as being answered. If you can't observe the protocol, find another site to play at.

BCP, kindly reject the proposed answer and reopen the question so that other techs can assist you.

BCP, what are you using for an antivirus?

Have you noticed any other odd problems with your system?

For files to mysteriously move from one drive to another should not be FAT related, as each drive has its own File Allocation Table.
dennis, but wouldn't a corrupt master boot record cause drives to shift?
It shouldn't nomadic. Here's the scenario, if the MBR were corrupt, it wouldn't effect the FAT. If the system were' FAT 16, and the MBR and the FAT were corrupt, the system wouldn't boot. On the other hand, if it were FAT 32, there would be two file allocation tables and one could be corrupted along with the MBR, however that too would throw an error. I'd be willing to make a small wager that there is a virus on the system.
I hear ya, dew... :-)
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