IBM DIALs and MS Dial-Up Server problem

I have a Win98 PC which originally has Dialup networking
and Dialup networksing Server installed. It works fine but when I
installed IBM DIALs v5.02 , it replaces the dialup networking from
Win98 as well as the dialup server.

How do i have it coexist (ie IBM DIALs & dialup server). I need to
dial out as well as to allow caller access to this PC. With IBM DIALs
I can only dialout but unable to have other caller access to my PC.

Is there any other s/w that allows me to do so? The reason I put
IBM DIALs is it allows me to change password for the dialup
connection that I dial to.

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The above url gave me a listing of software packages like the one you require. As apposed to attempting to use this url simply go to tucows and search for windows dialup servers. You should find what you are looking for. Let me know.

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Joe, just reinstall the Win98 RAS setup and it should be okay. Although there was an easier solution than IBM Dial, you're already past that since you've installed it. Go into add/remove programs and remove the remote access service and then reinstall it and set it up. It should now work as before.
joekwchenAuthor Commented:
vaughan, dew,
I've actually found another solution:
I install IBM Security Pack for Win95. This will retain the DUN as well as allows me to change password. At the same time, it will also retain the Dial-up Server in MS Windows.

However, you must be a valid user dialling to an IBM box (in my case I'm dialling to IBM 8235) to use this piece of software.

Thanx a lot for ur comments :)
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