Sendmail error : POP3 Really Urgent !!!


I've Red Hat 5.2, with sendmail 8.8.7
When I try to Get message (from netscape for exemple),
I've the following error :

An error occured with the POP3 Server.
And I really don't know what to do. Please help :=)
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jacekfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can (probably) grade my comment, but if you want I send you my answer, which is a sum of my comments.
I want to add sth. If your system crashed, maybe you should do upgrade your system (it can be the same version of Linux). While installation, it should be founded programs not installed on your system (or deleted). So you can choose some of them and install.
First... change your sendmail version for 8.9.3 or newer (it very insecure version)
Second... Is there installed pop on your server (you should have permission in /etc/inetd.conf (for example ipop3d), don't locked in /etc/hosts.deny.
If you have permissions in /etc/inetd.conf file, check if exists file, which is connected to POP3 (for example /usr/sbin/ipop3d)
And... what user mails do you want to get (if root's it is impossible)
The Last: Do you set your POP3 SErver in netscape. Maybe you set bad name or adress. Maybe you can't find this server (for example DNS isn't working or sth like that)
Try it
aldricAuthor Commented:

Thanks for this quick answer. here is what happened:
(I'm the sys admin (but newbie :=))  ))
Yesterday, my server was ok, but then it crashed.
So I installed a new one, and i use tar to restore
some critical files/rep. Like users, passwd, networks,
dns ... (in fact most of /etc and /var directories.)

inetd.conf is ok and hosts.deny too.

My DNS is ok, but effectivly, i can't find ipop3d in /usr/sbin

This should be the prob :=)
How can i get it from the install cd? Is glint can do it?
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I think it should be in imap-x.y-z.sth.rpm  file. Try to find it, and install, it should help you.
Of course x,y, z are some numbers (for example 4,5,3 - I have imap-4.5-3)
aldricAuthor Commented:
found and place it in /usr/sbin. But I still have the message.
aldricAuthor Commented:
when i installed the server (the last time) i choose
server install (instead of custom). Maybe some files
are missing.
You already found that ipop3d was missing. Is there any other important files i should have?
For sure, you need have /usr/sbin/tcpd file.
You should also set at /etc/services file pop-3 as 110
Do command:  telnet <your_host_name_or_IP_adress> pop-3
You should check you pop3 server in that way. If it's OK, you write "quit". - It's mean, that problem is connected with netscape.

Of course, you should start inetd  (if it not start in linux boot). To be sure, do: "/etc/rc.d/init.d/inet restart"
aldricAuthor Commented:
tcpd file is ok.
the line in /etc/services are :
pop-2           109/tcp                         # PostOffice V.2
pop-3           110/tcp                         # PostOffice V.3
pop             110/tcp                         # PostOffice V.3

telnet doesn"t work: connection closed by foreign host.

inetd is running.  In fact, i'm writing this with the station we're talking about. So, normally, the network is ok. (normally :=)) )
aldricAuthor Commented:
if it can help you, I can send mails. But i can't received mails.
aldricAuthor Commented:
if I try to install sendmail 8.9.3, will it help things?
See at /var/log/secure  file. In line connected to ipop3d should be any information (about connecting, and error).
Could you tell me what is written in this file.
aldricAuthor Commented:
Oct 26 12:00:44 serval ipop3d[3361]: warning: can't get client address: No route
 to host
Oct 26 12:00:44 serval ipop3d[3361]: connect from unknown
Oct 26 12:00:44 serval ipop3d[3361]: error: cannot execute /usr/sbin/ipop3d: Per
mission denied

ls -l told :    ipop3d is   root    mail
Are you sure, your DNS is good working?
Could you ping your server?
Could you telnet on your server?
Try do it.
For sure, set permission for your files:
chmod 755 /usr/sbin/ipop3d
chmod 755 /usr/sbin
chmod 755 /usr
About sendmail 8.9.3... I don't know. Of course, I suggest you, to install this version, but it probably won't help in your problem.
Eventually I suggest you to upgrade your imap to the newest version (probably 4.5-4)
aldricAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot jacekf,

the chmod was the last prob :=)
I've boosted the question to 500 , cause your help
was really good for me.
Please answer, so I'll grade you.

I'll maybe ask another question tomorrow for the new version of sendmail :=)

aldricAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot. As my "old" server is still near me, i'll
try to upgrade it and see what happened.
aldricAuthor Commented:
jacekf, if you'r still on, I'll post another question, cause pop is ok now, but smtp isn't now :=(

Really strange.
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