OS2 Warp 3 : Hard Disk

I would like to know how to format a 6 GB Hard Disk using OS2 Warp 3.
I didn' install any Service Pack.
Now I can format only 4 GB.
Thank in advance.
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gcalzettaAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
If you already have a working OS/2 system,
and you're now adding a "large" IDE hard-drive,
just download the update (below),
and update your 'CONFIG.SYS' file,
and some files in your 'OS2\BOOT' directory, on your current system,
reboot, and you're ready to use the entire hard-drive.

Otherwise, if you're just trying to install OS/2, you have to update the OS/2 Installation Diskettes, and then do the install.

Either way, start at:
Select "OS/2 Component Updates".
Select "Installation Diskette Updates".
Select "Greater Than 4.3GB IDE Hardfile Support" *AND*
select "To Create Additional Space on Installation Diskette #1".

Under OS/2 (or MS DOS or Windows),
download the '>4.3GB' update,
into an empty directory,
and run this self-expanding EXE file.
Then, read the "create additional space" document,
and follow its directions for updating
the "Installation Diskette #1".
Note: OS/2 Warp 3 has a "diskette #0"
and a "diskette #1".
You can do this updating under OS/2 (or MS DOS or Windows).


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> I didn't install any Service Pack.

Once the new hard-drive is OK, then you need to apply Fix Pack 40 for Warp 3, in order to get ready for Year 2000.
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