Is any modem that uses a com-port linuxcompatible?

I want to buy a faster modem. I read on different places
on the web that not all modems work fine with Linux.
Winmodems seems to be the problem. If I buy an external
modem that uses one of my computers com-ports, will that
modem work?
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DVBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually external modems are not winmodems but not always. Make sure that the modem does not say : designed for windows 9x or software modem or some such thing. This is usually an indicator of a windows only product.
Ask the dealer from whom you are buying to give you a demonstration of the modem on Linux. This will tell you whether the modem is a winmodem or not.
If you want to stay internal the Modemblaster line of modems are all hardware modems and the isa version supports legacy installs a great plus on a linux boxs.
thoframAuthor Commented:
I asked my dealer about winmodems, and he sold me one that he assured wasn't. Indeed it works fine...
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