Authors Field problem - Urgent!

Hi all,

I got this database that allows users(all are Authors rights) to "subscribe" each others' Event documents.
That simply means they just want to add their names in a text field("E_Subscribers") in the document, so that
we the document changed, the system will send a email to all the "subscribers" of that document.

However, in my Event form, there is an Authors field("E_Authors") which contains the Roles of the document creator.
Thus when I tried to add one of an Author's name into a document created by someone else, I got an error saying
that I can't edit/update document because I am not an Author listed in the document.

Do you all have any ways to bypass this error and add the name into the field?  Thanks a lot.
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AntonysinghConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To access existing document give author role to all reader so that all the readers can become  editor to the document and can edit.

For new document, add reader roles in the author field of the document. So that all the reader has author access to the documents that are created using this form.

Hi kspuea,

you can bypass this author setting only if you are Manager of this database or if you can fetch this database localy, without "Enforce ACL ..." option set.

Than, when you are in the ACL, give to you or your group this required role, contained in the autors field.

After restarting the Notes client, you can edith this document.

When you are the manager/designer of this database, I would propose to you to add a hidden field into this form. There you can add a default value (your name or one role only you own). So every document created with this form can be modified by creator AND by you.

kspueaAuthor Commented:
I need to allow all the users(Authors or Readers) of this database has rights to add their names into any Event documents(which not created by themselves).
Hey stop thinking so complicated...
"To access existing document give author role to all reader so that all the readers can become  editor to the document and can edit."?
I do this by setting them to editor!

But I think your intention is to make only a field ("E_Subscribers") changable and the rest of document only readable.

I think this is possible only in web by a submitting an agent (from a hotspot/button).
This agents are running with the signers access rights!

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