Executing programs from Explorer

Dear All,

How can I launch a program from IExplorer
without the Open/Save dialog popping up.

There are ocx programs for this but expensive.
Is there any free method.

I want to use IExplorer as a front end to launch


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I don't think so. I think you are SOL on that one.. I am looking into it further though..

No this can not be done because it is a design security violation.  The idea is, how aweful would it be if someone could send the program "FORMAT" a command.

Not only can you not execute local code via HTML you cant read local files.  There are plugins available that do this for you of course because it breaks the security model.  A plug-in wouldn't need any sort of signed certificate but you run the rist of them screwing around.

The only way "legally" you can do it would be with a Signed Java applet or a plugin the users would have to install themselves.


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