Reminder Agent

How to send a reminder email thru schedule agent to managers
if records has outstanding for more then 2 days.
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Two possibilities :

1 - Create an agent scanning the DB documents, searching by field the "last modification date" field, date before the last two days. (this field exists by default in documents)

2 - Create a "workflow history" field that records the last modification date

Then make the agent searching in this field, date before the last two days
jiayilooAuthor Commented:
I have a Date_Create field that capture the document creation date. Can you give some sample of agent formula/script program that can do verification on the date whether it is 2 days old or more.

Pls elaborate on possibility 2.

Which way is easier / better.

Thks in advance.
jiayilooAuthor Commented:
Need sample agent code
You might try the following script. in a scheduled agent .  I used "on schedule daily" against "All documents in database"

1.  You will need to change the Const Mgr value to the name of the manager whom you want to send a notification to.  
2.  I am looking at a field called ChgStatus - and sending this notification only if the status has not changed in 2 days since creation.  You may not want this criteria at all - if not, you can delete that part of the query
3.  You need to change the form name on the line "Set collection=dbSearch....  to be the name of the form you are working with
4.  Change the text of the memo as you wish.

Hope this helps.

Sub Initialize
    Const Mgr = "Enter the name to be mailed to here"
     Dim Session As New NotesSession
     Dim db As NotesDatabase
     Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection
     Dim dt As New NotesDateTime("1/1/99")
     Dim newdoc As NotesDocument
     Dim view As NotesView
     Dim reviewerdoc As NotesDocument
     Dim reviewer As String
     Dim rtitem As NotesRichTextItem
     Dim linkdoc As NotesDocument
     Dim linksummary As String
     Set db=session.CurrentDatabase
     Set collection = db.Search("Form = ""Computer System Request Form"" & ChgStatus = ""New"" & @Adjust(@Today;0;0;-2;0;0;0) > @Modified", dt, 0)    
     If collection.count = 0 Then
          Exit Sub
     End If
     Set newdoc = New NotesDocument(db)
     newdoc.Form = "Memo"

     newdoc.SendTo = Mgr
     newdoc.Subject = "Document outstanding for more than 2 days"
     Set rtitem = New NotesRichTextItem(newdoc,"Body")
     Call rtitem.AppendText("The following linked documents were created more than 2 days ago and require your attention!")
     Call rtitem.AddNewLine(2)
     For x = 1 To collection.count
          Set linkdoc = collection.GetNthDocument(x)
          linksummary = linkdoc.ChgSummary(0)
          Call rtitem.AppendDocLink(linkdoc,"")
          Call rtitem.AddTab(1)
          Call rtitem.AppendText(linksummary)
          Call rtitem.AddNewLine(1)
     Call newdoc.Send(False)
End Sub

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jiayilooAuthor Commented:
Excellent Thks...
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