Create a link to a word document that is downloadable

I need to create a link on a web page for
people to be able to download an order form
that they can fill in and submit via email.
I thought that a word document would be fine
that could be filled in and attached to
an email. Other wise a direct email link
where the text area already contains the
form should also be a great option. But
the email needs to be edited.
I hope this is clear. Thanks in advance.
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NickRackhamConnect With a Mentor Commented:

create the form with word using formfields, and then protect the document, ie protect form fields.

save the file into your web directory and create the hyperlink http://yourservername/yourdocment.doc format for the link. When users click on this they will then open word to fill in the form and using (perhaps include with instructions) the send to on the word toolbar can mail the form back to you.



This does not answer your question, so I do not expect points ... but - do all of your target people have Word? If not, you may miss some folks. Have you considered a .txt version? Maybe you might want to run both. The download is much the same - just do a hyperlink to the (path)filename, as Nick has indicated.

evajAuthor Commented:
Nick and ironbar

Thanks for very  useful comments. I have been able to set something up that should work in most cases. The link is set up to a .rtf file. Within a .rtf file I can still create the form fields etc and such a file can be read by quite a range of different programs, including MacIntosh software. Right?

Many thanks,


rtf should be OK for you, however, the mac must have software installed that can read rtf files (Just like PC's would have to have Word installed to read Word files (or a reader)).

I'm glad you are now OK

Nick :o)
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