ActiveX component versus Java applet

 I know Java, and I just have learning
 When I want to run an applet, I just
download the code and run; no registry
 I just finished developing an ActiveX
control. It's working fine localy, but I
want to publish it on the Web, having
a Web server on my PC.
How can I do that? The ActiveX component
will access an ActiveX server (on my machine).
 How can I register this component run-time?
Or there is a possibility, that a user having
a normal PC with a normal browser to access
my Web page, and use the included components
without register nothing on the local registry??

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You just have to wrote proper html code for example
 classid="clsid:B16553A0-06DB-1018-85B2-0000C0088E05" codebase=""
 if client has activex with clsid you've wrote it'l be loaded locally,if not it'll be downloaded from you've written in codebase,and 'll be automatically registered and loaded

Also your control should be in read open directory on web-server.

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tmolnarAuthor Commented:
And when the downloaded control try to
access with CoCreateInstanceEx an object from the Web server machine,
the object which will be activating, must be registered on the users machine?
tmolnarAuthor Commented:
The loaded ActiveX object will be unregistered when the user finish the session (close the browser or navigate to another page)?
tmolnarAuthor Commented:
I tried what u told me. On my local machine when I access the Web page (using URL, not opening a file), the control its working. In another machine, if the ocx is not registered,
nothing happen (the ActiveX control doesn't appear), if I register manually the control, the control working patial, when try to connect to an ActiveX object on the WEB server's machine, the server object is activated(on the server machine) , but the CoCreateInstanceEx return error. The security for the server object is set to allow all rights ro everyone. Help!
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