VB communication.

I am trying to write a VB5 proc for a win95 machine to connect
to another win95 machine with a modem and transfer a text file
or open a ftp session to put a text file to that machine. I am
using MSComm control to connect to the other machine. But
can I ftp a file to another w95 machine without a ftp server?
This process has to run automated every hour. I
will appreciate any help on this. Thanx
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Why use FTP when you've established a connection successfully? Just copy the file over the wire and save it on the other end.

wchy65Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
The FTP protocol is supported using the Inet control, not the MSCOMM control.  MSCOMM is used for async communications.

If you're going to use this control to send a file, you need to have a program on the receiving system that will accept the async connection.  You will also have to build your own "protocol" for sending and receiving the file...

For example:

After you make the connection between the two systems, the sending side sends:

   Mscomm1.Output chr$(255)+chr$(255)+"FILENAME"+CHR$(0)+"FILESIZE"+chr$(0)

The receiving side gets this data using the MScomm1.Input call, parses it and figures out that it is about to receive a file called "FILENAME" and it has a file size of "FILESIZE"...

The next characters received up to however big "FILESIZE" is, should be read off the comm port and written to a file...

Get the picture?


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