COL 2.3 won't instal;l to a prepared partition?

I have Open Linux 2.2 and now I am trying to do a fresh install of 2.3 from CD, when I get to the partition info my present Linux partition is grayed out and it won't allow me to select it for formatting and install, with 2.2 I could do this, what is wrong?
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jester911Connect With a Mentor Commented:
  Do a custom partition job instead of going to prepared partitions. You will still be able to install to your desired partitions, but you will have to assign them their respective mount points, ie: / swap /user etc......
you will then be give a screen showing which partitions will be formatted, select them and hit next.........
  Doing a custom will also let you delet and create new partitions if desired. Kinda like Disc Druid but different. I think Caldera is on to something good with their method of doing things.

             Hope this helps,

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