Half-Life - in alien world with boss.. how?

I have been teleported to the alien world,
walked through many boards, but now I have
met a big monster flying in the middle of
a room... Sometimes it attacks me, sometimes
it sends a teleporting-thing on me, so
I get into an other landscape. From there
you can only get back to the boss. What is
the mission? kill him by shooting many shots
on him? or what shall I do there?
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ShakesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, This is the End.

You should see things flying around his head.  This is his energy store, and he needs to replenish it from time to time.  Dodge everything he shoots at you by hiding behind the pillars of rock in the room.

As time passes you'll see he flies up to replenish his energy from...

the big yellow crystals up on the wall.  There are 3, and you need about 2 rockets each.  If you really need ammo, then allow him to hit you with the giant green teleport blob.  As long as you can kill those flying buggers, you can get the ammo you need to blast those crystals.  But that's not the end.
You then need to shoot him until his energy runs out entirely (he'll have about 2 yellow stars floating around his head, and he'll shoot only 1 feeble electric thing at you at a time).  Then you need to use the trampolines to fly up past his head, then shoot the giant crystal in his skull.  That shoudl be it; enjoy the end game.

Yes, it's hard.  When you jump up the trampolines he flies up with you and you can't get above his head; you need to jump up as he's coming down, or learn how to get to the small ledges that are in the room up the side, where there is still more ammo and health pools.

Let me know if you need any more help.
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