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I loaded an old DOS game into my new computer. Program works well with the
exception of sound.  I have Sound Blaster and Windows 98.  The settings are
changed using function keys....but they
have no effect.  
Speaker is set for "on" and I hear slight clicking noises during play.
Sound Blaster "Sound" and "Effects" are on the "off" position and
try as I might, I can't change it.  

Thinking there was something wrong with my program, I installed a downloaded
 version from the cnet central archives....same result.

Is there a way to correct this?  It's a good game but it needs music and sounds.
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Are you sure you have properly installed
SB under DOS ? Check your AUTOEXEC.BAT
for command SET BLASTER= also if your
SB is PnP version, you should have also
initialisation program run in AUTOEXEC
Smth. like CTPNP or CT...
BonnieWAuthor Commented:
Here is my autoexec.bat.  Is the entry correct?  

SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H7 P330 T6
SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\WINDOWS\Twain_32\Scanwiz;C:\WINDOWS\Twain\Scanwiz

I don't know what PnP means.  I have SB AudioPCI 128D.  

I have the program on a zip disk.  I ran it off the zip disk at work and the sound is "on" on both the Dell and the HP.  When I run the same zip disk on my Gateway, the sound is in the "off" position.  

Thanks for trying to help.
PnP is Plug'n'Pray ... errr ...sorry pLay :)))
Now I see one thing: your SB uses IRQ 7
(I7 parameter) that same IRQ as a printer's one. Try to change it to 5.
Also many DOS games have their own way
to call SB - through some kind of SETUP
or INSTALL or SETSOUND program. Check
if you have such file and set proper
parameters. You need port 220 (A220),
IRQ 5 (I5) and DMA 1 (D1). Also this
may be practical: to detect, what IRQ
your SB really use, try to catch the
table, that printed during boot, right
before "Starting Windoze" comes up.
Press Pause key and look to bottom part.
You should see list of devices and IRQ
they use. (this is right if you have
AWARD BIOS, other BIOSes usually don't
print these things.

I decided to lock the question because
I think I found root of your problem
but feel free to reject this answer if
i missed. :)

Good luck.

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Why don't you download DOSbox ? - http://www.dosbox.com/

It is a dos emulator for windows, supports all dos applications/games, and can run in a window or full screen in windows XP or Vista.. it emulates a sound blaster using your current soundcard, so you have no issues getting the sound to work.

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