Floppy problems

I attempted to copy a file to a diskette and there was an I/O error.
I then cd'd out of the floppy0 and hit eject. Would not eject saying
device busy. Okay, so maybe the diskette was bad. The only way I could
clear the problem was by rebooting. My question is "How can I make the
unix machine eject the floppy and clear its busy condition?"
I can't accept that rebooting is the only answer. I am running
Solaris 2.5.1 on a SUN SPARC 10 workstation.
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bedotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
any busy device can be liberated by
fuser -k /dev/....
this kill all processes using this device;
if is mounted, you must also umount it

however, if the use of the device is done by a system call, the mode system being uninterruptible, it will be never possible to liberate it
Use eject -f to force eject even if the device is
From the eject(1) man page.
Did you format it and newfs it first?

I know this is not the question you're asking but I/O errors are weird for a duff floppy.

Does the problem happen with other diskettes?
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