R5 Web Server Config for Max Performance!

We are implementing a R5 Domino web server for secure access to databases and mail.  It resides on a Hewlett Packard LPr with dual 500MHz processors, 384MB Ram, and a RAID 1 system with two 18.2 GB drives.  

Familiar with Apache I went to reset the Lotus Server for more performance and was confused to the options and values.  I am asking someone with experience to "offer suggestiosn" on what these might be set to knowing oour hardware config above.   This server will serve a mix of static HTML and Lotus Databases.

Number of Active Threads: (default 40)
Min Active Threads: (default 20)
Maximum Active Sessions: (default 1000)

Any other settings that are believed to be best altered for a system of this state.

Please provide explanation for your values and decisions.  

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Hi GrungyApe !

I have got a few stuff for you from a Lotus White paper on performance tuning Domino Server.  Hope this might serve you.

Domino Server:
 Switch off Tasks that are really not in use.
 Router
 Calconn
 Sched
 Amgr
 Collector
 Reporter
 Increase the view buffer on servers ini file NSF_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE for caching large views. (1/4th the physical memory is recommended).
 Increase the NOTES.INI setting NSF_DBCACHE_MAXENTRIES. Upto 1872 max.
 Decrease size of db by archiving old data.
 Add memory
 Distribute database to replicas
 Use Clustering
 Set the SERVER_MAXSESSIONS in the NOTES.INI (if running in a mixed Notes and browser client environment). Users idle for more than 10 seconds will be dropped.
 Do not increase replica tasks. Default is 1 recommended.
 Threads in the server should be set to a value slightly higher than the peak number of users. Use show statistic domino.threads.active.peak to find the average number of threads on the system.
 Run web triggered agents in parallel (DominoAsynchronizeAgents=1)
 Enable caching of dynamic pages(DominoAnalyzeFormulas=1)
 Slightly increase the disk cache for images and attachments (HTTP server section)
 Increase memory cache for HTTP commands, database designs, and users. (HTTP server section)
 Increase view buffer on server(NSF_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE setting in notes.ini).


And have you confirmed the average peak number of users of the domino system to set the thread value ?  Dont leave it to the default.  Fix it to your requirement.

Cheers !


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