DBF file to Oracle table

I have many DBF files to convert to Oracle tables.
I learned that there is a tool (by Jerry Horel) that
can both create a table and insert rows into it from
a DBF file. That is just what I need, but I cannot
find this tool or anything like it.

Thanks in advance.

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poncejuaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll find the scripts on the following address:

amonterosAuthor Commented:
My DBF files come from a Clipper application.
One thing you could also do is to use MS-Access in between if the files are not too large. I did this once with success, but the problem is that I can't exactly remember how I did it.

Basically, you attach all the DBF files to an MDB using ODBC (you can do all the files in one directory i believe). Then I seem to remember somehow using copy and paste to get them into Oracle...

The other thing I might have used at one time is the MS-Access to Oracle wizard that Oracle provides with PO8.

Also, if you have ER/Win (Platinum), you can reverse engineer some desktop databases and forward engineer them into Oracle. You can then definitely cut and paste in MS-Access...

Sorry I can't be more definite.
Ok,Good,I'm needing a way to convert from dbf to an oracle table and here's a way to do it...
But how can I use this?
In the URL above I can find a binary file and a c source code witch I wasn't able to compile.
I'd really appreciate some help
(since I've 'paid' 40 pts)           :)

Thanks in advance

                             Filipe Correia
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