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folders and partitioning

I have Win98 and two questions. First one, can I safely delete folders without contents that came with Win98? There are so many folders and with new software it gets even more crowded but I am afraid to delete ones that were already there. Is is ok? Second question, I want to partition my c drive so I can clean up my folders and put programs on one, personal stuff on another. How do I do this? I can't find anything in the help?
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First, you can delete anything you want as far as documents go.  As for programs, they need to be removed either by the uninstall program that came with them or through add/remove programs in control panel.  Which folders are you wanting to delete?  I'll tell you if you can delete them specifically.

As for partitioning, there is not a real need to do this with Windows98 and FAT32.  If you really want to, it will require reformatting the drive and you wlil lose all saved information.  If you want to know how, let me know and I'll tell you.
Asta CuCommented:
When I embarked on a similar journey shortly after Win98 upgrade, found this link helpful.  Check Clutter and Annoyances, gives details of safe items to remove; also customizations.


First, it is safe to delete folders without anything in them, if Windows needs them it will just recreate them or it won't let you delete them in the first place.  Second, it is safe to partition your hard drive using sofware like Partition It! from PowerQuest.  If you want to do it with out third party software you can use the program fdisk that comes with windows/dos, however when you decide to write the changes to your disk it erases everything on your drive to rearrange the partitions.  You'd probably be better off spending the extra 40$-50$ for the extra software, it's got a graphical interface and doesn't require a back-up that may result in data loss.

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