Bad IP Adress

Whenever i attempt to ping any domain (am running proxy server with computer being behind the firewall... dns forwarding is on though) i always see the message bad ip address....

How would i go about setting up the computer (win95) to utilize the proxy server's dns forwarding?
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NenadicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PING is a Network layer utility and can, threfore, not be performed as an HTTP request, as all others are when going through proxy.

Namely, when you connect (or, try to conenct) to a site, you issue an HTTP request that is passed to the proxy computer to act upon it.

When sending a PING packet it just attempts a direct connection to the server without regard to proxy.
The idea of proxy servers (firewalls more precisely) is to prevent your internal IP addresses from appearing on the Internet. For your W95 machine to be able to PING a host on Internet, there would have to be a route both via the proxy out through the Internet to the host, as well as from the host back to your W95 machine.

Chances are that you are using a private range of addresses on your internal network, which cannot be routed on Internet, anyway. On top of this the IP forwarding on your proxy computer is disabled in order to provide the security to the LAN.

If your Web access is working that means that DNS is working. Your request is forwarded to the proxy machine, which makes a DNS request for the site, resolves it, connects to it, obtains the information and then passes it back to you.
AikemaAuthor Commented:
But why won't ping work then?
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