Modem Sound--DIE!


  I have a modem that I cant seem to turn off the sound with. I have gone into the Modem properties and turned the speaker all the way down. I cant think of anything else to do except for some obscure modem commands that shut the modem off. My modem is an AOpen 56k.

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satwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Adding M0 after AT in the command set is supposed to turn
off the speaker sound.

you should have ATM0 and then the rest of your command set.

The 0 after the M in ATM0 is a zero and not an o.

According to ACER this is supposed to completely silence their
AOpen 56K modem.

Give it a try, and post the results here.

After adding this M0 to your AT command set, shut down and
re-boot your computer to let this take effect.
>>After adding this M0 to your AT command set, shut down and
>>re-boot your computer to let this take effect.

That's not needed; AT commands are often used on the fly.

I have found that it is better to be safe than sorry, while it is
true normally that you can add AT commands on the fly I
have experienced the odd occasion that they did not take
effect until after a re-boot, since then I have always advised
a re-boot.
SoltrainAuthor Commented:
Thanks! It worked, does this work for all modems?
It works for some modems, and for others it does not.  ACER
claim that it works for ALL ACER modems.

If the Modem is 100% Hayes compataible and uses a 100%
Hayes compatiable AT command set, then it is supposed to work on all these, but if a modem used an extended or
modified AT command set, then it may or may not work.

Thanks for the points.
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