telepath modem problem

I have a gateway telepath 28.8 modem. It is upgradeable in windows to 56k, and functions properly in that OS.  I also have turbolinux 4.0 installed, and, though it detects the modem as plug and play, i cannot use it to dial.  windows says it is on com3, but linux will not let me use com 3 or 4.  please help.
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming that is is not a WinModem (which will never work) go into your Bios setup and disable the machine from being Plug'n Play.  Realize that your Telepath is actually a US Robotics 28.8 modem.  After disabling the PnP featur of the bios, disable either com1 or com2 in your system.  The modem should assign itself to one of these ports.  You should be good to go at this point.  At least this worked for me with a Telepath 33.3 modem.  Good luck!
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