Ok i've got linux 5.1 installed on my puter and as i understand it i need the disk to remove it but my disk has been damanged so it won't work.So i reformatted my puter to try to get rid of it but now my puter is worse than when i had started .Plus i tried to remove the partition but it won't delete and i also used the fdrive if thats what it is called and that won't work either! So i was wondering it there anywhere i could download the uninstalling of linux.I have one more ? if u are allowed to ask 2 at once so i said i reformatted the puter but now its too slow and freezes up about every 30 mins is there anything i can do?

                                                                Colleen Murphy
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clingAuthor Commented:
Hi are these answered by real people who look for the answers or will it be just a gerenal answer?
To answer your second question first, there will possibly be a series of questions, asking you about system type, software used, etc.  Everyone who sees your post will do their best to help you...and some of us have real, technical experience.  The average "answer guy" will do their best to walk the user through a series of steps to help resolve your problem.  In most cases, it's difficult to answer questions from the other end of a phone line, as we cannot get "hands on" with your computer.  But we try our best by using past experiences and knowledge of other people who may have had the same predicament you're in.  We are real people, too! :-)
First question you shouldn't need to "uninstall" Linux.  Are you trying to reinstall Windows, or another OS?  If you are using Windows, have you tried to "FDISK" the drive?  FDISK is a little more involved than a format.  If you have windows98, use the Windows boot disk and boot up the computer. At the DOS prompt, type FDISK and delete all partition information.  Set new partitions and set one of the partitions, usually the first/C drive, as active.  Reboot and format your computer+load system files.  This should return the drive back to normal.

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?Commented:
Explain disk damaged.

What OS are you running at present?  Was if FDISK you were trying to run?  What type of computer is this?  How big is the hard drive?  How much memory in this computer?

Because this sounds very strange.

And nomadic1 is fairly spot on with his comments.
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Similar to dbrunton, some clarification from you may help you find the responses you are looking for. My preference is knowing the machine history, and possibilities like multiple drives, available software, and interests.

The way I read you, cling, the 5.1 was already there, you did not install it yourself, but found something you did not like "damage". so then
1) it does not work at all
2) you format (something with something)
3) it works worse (than not working) so
4) reformatted
5) now slower

As best I can tell, you never removed Linux, meaning you have not installed any MicroSoft OS either before or after this, not ever.

Sometimes terminology can be confusing. I believe you'll find that your linux had several 'partitions' already made for you, that you had a problem with one of them (or at least with some file somewhere), and that as part of your debug/fix effort, you trashed up another partition.

(note to the Microsoft only crowd, the use of multiple partitions can give you an idea of why the unit can still boot after repeated format attempts - one or more may have succeeded, while not necessarily properly restoring the function they were intended for, which can explain an increase of 'slowness'. cling makes no claim of being a unix guru during the valiant attempt to save it)

Part of your problem at that point would be that MicroSoft stuff does not talk well with Linux stuff, so trying to debug one with the other tends to increase confusion. Each can be confusing enough all by itself.

At this point I do not know your capabilities (diskettes or CDs on hand, friends, hardware like multiple hard drives) or personal interests (like do you mainly want to surf with Netscape, or ?). It looks like you got a hand-me-down machine that

worked for you
for some purpose
for awhile
and then something happened
and you end up feeling lost

Welcome to the modern Y2K era. So, now, what is it you want out of your computer?

I noticed, for example, a Linux section here. This is only my 2nd evening on the website, so I am a newbie for what it can do. But if you have an interest in restoring Linux to the way it was when it was 'working', perhaps posting a question there would help you out. Or, perhaps you already done so by now.

I have a machine that boots providing me an option to either do linux, or Win95, or WinNT, and they seem to coexist well. I can move files from one side to the other, for example. My personal rule of thumb is to keep Linux stuff and Microsoft stuff on separate PHYSICAL hard drives to keep everything clear (mainly sector zero issue but also partitioning issues), and keep linux on only one of the first two.

So, if we could tell you how to do it, what is it you WANT to do with what (that you have)?

Is your computer capable of booting a CDROM?  Would you like to just give up on linux, buy a Win95 CD, and use it because of some other program you now want to run that requires it? If so, the responses above are close to a solution for you. There may remain a trick for getting in one last 'fdisk' kind of function, if you want the machine totally cleaned up from the past (and available to the new stuff you may want to add to it some day).

But once such a clean is done, you will really have a machine that has nothing, but perhaps displaying black colors on a black background.  Prepare now for where you want to go from there. Before losing something you care about.

With todays' economy, if it was mine I'd consider getting another hard drive, making it #1 and your "damaged" one #2 to at least enable a save type action for some file(s) some day, but also, software for MicroSoft O/S is getting really really huge (disk space used), and if there is any age to your system at all, you'll get dissatisfied with disk space real soon if you simply only switch out to Microsoft OS.  IMHO.
(I hit wrong key & got back, so will try minor rephrase by the # while here)


On advise, remember rules about how much you pay for what you get.  Looks like good value to this newbie (me) but never count on or depend. I for example, am now wondering if you'll ever see what I type or if I'll ever revisit this place to follow up.

You mentioned two questions, so I'll separate them the same for this response.

(1) you ask how to remove or uninstall linux. To what end? The responses above (me too) 'assume' the end is some kind of switch to MicroSoft, hence comments like you won't really need a clean uninstall program.  But uninstall to kill off linux leaves you with nothing, less than what you have.  Hence my question of where do you want to go from there.

(2) what can you do about too slow? Well, when we answer #1 and the machine is dead. then this (#2) is no longer possible.  This sounds like you have an application like WordPerfect or NetScape, that you'd like running again, as it was before some 'event'. Killing linux would also kill your applications.  To restore the applications is a linux/unix question. To do this ignore every answer to question #1 and heed only better defining 'damage' (see dbrunton comment).  Until 'damage' is better defined, I have no idea if there's any restore action available for you for that. But the slowness should be fixable.

Sorry, I am no Unix guru either, but since your system continues to live on, I suggest there is a unix answer(s) that can reverse the actions you took to attempt to correct 'damage'. (if it is RedHat, perhaps they are also an answer for you, but I've assumed you have no CDs for any OS. Still, a maybe.). This may be akin to restoring space for temporary things it is want to do (meaning your system may be telling you it is now starving - a temporary workaround is to limit yourself to disk access only when you are more prepared to allow it to go down, ie, change habit of what you do when), or cache type places that are intended to increase speed for you (and without which you see a slow down). Possibly also some thrashing, like the 'puter trying really hard to stay going for you by cramming too much stuff into too little space (compensating for one of your prior 'reformats' that hid space it would normally expect) and not quite completely succeeding, because your attempts to reformat and kill partitions really did have an impact after all (indicator would be an obvious increase in activity right before it breaks down - the sound of the disk heads moving more and more, the rate of its light flashing, that there is a difference from 'norm' should be at a detectable level to someone who uses the same machine frequently, if it is occurring).

So, for #2, think clearly on exactly what it was that you did (that can then be reversed), or, for #1, think hard on what you want if you have to begin all over again with nothing.

Either way, truck on, stick in there. When it's working for you the way you want, you'll be glad you did not give up.
clingAuthor Commented:
To SunBow,
Your explantion is probably a good one but to me it doesn't make much sense you see i know a little about computers but not what yr sayin its just too much thats why i asked the question. And why would I keep linuex on my puter if i don't need it or use it. My computer is only two yrs old its a 166mhz pentium so it can't be that bad.So if you could  shorten your answer or simiplify it I may understand it. But if not thank-you anyways.
clingAuthor Commented:
To Nomadic1 Ok you said if I had win98 but I have win95 so would I fdisk it the same way ?
To: nomadic1

Since you cannot see the screen (ex: her fdisk ones) and may not have seen a similar one, I assume you can tell from above, but restate.

There are like seven partitions or so for unix there. I forget at moment the proper method, but to attempt to get it right the 1st time, the idea I suggest to you is to:

Wipe / reclaim the entire drive, to leave it all one partition for Windows.

There is a minor danger here of getting Windows to install to only one partition with no room, thus going down again in 1st 24 hrs. Causing this to stretch on and cause more confusion.  I am not sure if it will even fit on just one partition, forgetting the numbers involved (sectors).

A single complete (whole disk) partition for windows is my recommend.  I think there is way via fDisk as you recommend above.

To: cling

Mainly, when your computer is running well for you, what do you want to do with it? Using your own words. Linux, Win95, Win98, etc., are mainly the choices you have in getting the computer going in the first place.  All will give you problems over time, each has advantages.

If, for example, you now have a copy of Office 95 and want to do word processing with it, type a pretty letter to your mother, then send it as an eMail attachment, that could lead towards giving you a healthy Window 95 base to put it on. Your 1st question looks like this could be the case, that you having nothing left on your 'puter worth caring about, and you'd like it to do something.  I was trying to say: You could clarify the "do something" part if that's the case.

In your second question, "now its too slow and freezes" - this sounds the opposite of #1, that you actually have things running on 'puter that you care about. I am / was wondering what?

The Operating System is a base. All of your choices will give you situations/problems, all of them will use words like F-Disk & Format that may confuse you. That is why you, like me, came here.  (I came here to get answers, not to provide them. But I have been in the same situation you are in now, so I thought it a good time for me to learn how to add text here through comments, before learning how to ask questions using some kind of points to get the answers I need)

The operating systems have commands that don't go much beyond words like 'format'.  They all give typical 'free' add-ons, like a 'calculator', but you probably already have one of them.  You more likely want it to to more than that, I was trying to identify that given my confict between your #1 and #2.

For a novice (like yourself?) the main difference between your linux and any Windows, is that that linux will not fail for you as frequently this way, while if you had Windows-xx, you are more likely to be able to find a new 'likeable' program, and more likely to have someone you know that can talk to you about 'programs' later on. Although this is changing, it probably remains true in your neighborhood (but someone did give you linux already).

I tried out some typical applications on you above, but without an answer, I'll assume they do not apply to you. If you are a person, for example, who has recently been to a store, and seen lots of neat things that you MAY want some day, but have not decided, then we can defer any discussion of 'applications' to the person selling you that something later in your life.

I'll assume now, since you say "I have Win95" that something like preceding paragraph has affected you, and you no longer pose question #2, having decided somehow that Windows-9x (only) is satisfactory for your purposes for awhile. On that I bow out again, I have other needs, but wish you luck, the fun parts are worth the grief you are going thru now.

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