Unique pattern mask for FindFirst


This might be a silly question, but when using FindFirst and FindNext I need to have a unique type of pattern mask.  

The ap I am writing has to search through multiple directories searching for files which do not contain a numeric character (0 - 9) as the second character in the filename.

90% of the files will look like A100363_.tif or T100363_.tif.  They are files which have been processed, but the rest of the files are named with people's names.  Nearly all the names are in the middle of the Dir listing except for those after and including the letter T.

Is there a way to find just the files named after people?  I do not want to copy them to another folder to do it.
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Try this

Function MyFiles( Path : String ; Attr : Word) : TStringList ;
  FList : TStringList ;
  SRec  : TSearchRec;
  FList := TStringList.Create ;
  FList.Clear          ;
  FList.Sorted := True ;    { this line is optionally }

  if FindFirst(Path,Attr,SRec) = 0  then begin
     if not (SRec.Name[2] in ['0'..'9']) then
        FList.Add(SRec.Name) ;
     while FindNext(SRec) = 0 do
       if SRec.Name[2] in ['0'..'9'] then
          FList.Add(SRec.Name) ;

  MyFiles := FList ;

  FList.Free ;

and I am sure that this function will return list of files, that not contain a numeric character as the second character in the filename. You can use Path and Attr as an additonal constrains.

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I made a mistake in condition for FindNext. The correct line is :

While FindNext(sRec) = 0 do
  if not (SRec.Name[2] in ['0'..'9']) then
   FList.Add(SRec.Name) ;
jdthedjAuthor Commented:
Hi Victor - thanks for the reply.  That is an excellent way to do it!
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