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I've made a dll that I use in different applications.  Now I have to make a little modification and would like to recompile it with binary compatibility.  
When I try to do this on the PC, where I did the first compilation, I get an error message: "The binary compatibility DLL or EXE contains a parameter type or return type whose definition can not be found."

Why do I get this message?  The .lib and .exp file are from the same date and time.

Is there a way to compile it anyway as binary compatible?



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No, I'm afraid not.

In theory it is possible to extend an ActiveX component's interface indefinitely whilst maintaining binary compatibility, but in practice VB will eventually get too confused. The above error is a manifestation of this, and when this happens the only option left is to break binary compatibility.

Please note that this is a VB limitation; I did not write VB nor was I in any way responsible for its development.

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