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What is PCI bus latency?  If I probe the bus and get a value of say 64 or a value of 32, what does this mean?
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PCI BUS LATENCY is the time that each PCI BUS MASTER
Device will be allowed to take over the BUS for during its'

Each PCI Master device on the PCI BUS is assigned a set time to take control of the PCI BUS to transfer data.

The Higher the PCI LATENCY, the longer will be the burst of data
that this PCI Device can transfer during its' turn.

64 means that a device with a PCI Latency rating of 64 has a
longer time to trasfer its' data during its' turn that does a
PCI Device with a PCI Latency rating of 32.

On some computers, you can adjust this in Bios or with special
setup programs. but be careful, as if you set it too high or
out of the device's designed range, you will get a computer
lock-up.  It is normally safer just to set the PCI
Peripherals in your BIOS setup to AUTO and let this be
handled as per your motherboard default.

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