CAsyncSocket object recreation

I want to create listen server socket.
After I accept a socket on it I want to
stop listen , and when the connection is closed I want to relisten.

I wrote the next code but I cannot recreate the socket because it is still in use.

Is there any way to solve this problem exept of deleting the object ?

CAsyncSock Listener;

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After Listener.Close() call Listener.Connect() instead of Listener.Create().

Hope that works.
OOPS!!! Forget about the earlier  comment.

I think you have to delete the socket and again create it.
I think you're mixed up on how listen() works.  It "recycles" itself.  The sequence is:

accept() -> but accept returns a pointer to a NEW socket that you then talk on.  After you're done with it, close and delete that one.  The original listener keeps listening.  Your accept() call should be in a loop of some kind as more than one connection may come in.  Often, this is a useful place for a multi-threaded design.

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