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Hey dude, don't sweat the small things... referring to the comment on .  Hopefully the answer accepted on the Norton question and my comment didn't bend ya outta shape.  I didn't mean to be offensive, if that's how I sounded.  I'm not a "point hog", and the points don't really matter to me.  I just enjoy coming here to help as much as I can and to test how well I'm progressing in my computer knowledge.  It's just that I know some people here would get really bent outta shape over things like that (I know from experience...made the same mistake a couple times) I personally enjoy your comments cause you've always got the reference to your answers...which has helped me alot!  I'll see ya in the forum!  Mark
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satwaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I didn't get offended, I was just afraid that you would be
angry over all this.

Thank you.
nomadic1Author Commented:
Not angry at all...:-)  I was afraid you were!
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