Running WWW server behind IP-masquerading firewall

How can I run my own web server that is behind a IP masquerading firewall?

Here some details:

I have a linux machine (redhat 5.2) that is connected to the internet using a ethernet card. My own network is connected to the linux machine via another ethernet card.
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comlab4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
run on the ip masq machine

redir listen_port 80 is the web server ip behind ipmasq host
As far a i can see you will have to use IPPORTFW which is supported in IPMASQADM on 2.2.x kernels , this will allow re-direct data connections from the Internet to an internal, privately addressed machine behind your IP MASQ
server. Get IPMASQADM here
Heres a good resource on Ip Masquerading

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