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We've just found an old Sun Sparc5 in out MIS Department, and after changing some subnet info on local machine we've managed to access it from the network.

However, we don't have any user accounts on the box, and would ideally like the root password. Anyone know how to get around this problem, either a boot disk or some kind of security exploit that would let us in.

It's running all the standard inet services, including sendmail and ftp.

Many Thanks,
Craig Ward
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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
see comments
boot in single user mode:
  boot -s
AFAIK, old SunOS did not protect this with password
wardcAuthor Commented:
Would I need a boot disk for this as...

a) It doesn't have a floopy drive
b) I don't have a boot disk

(My fault for mentioning boot disk in the first message, I didn't check! )

you don't need either
wardcAuthor Commented:
Yep, thanks for that.

Figured out how to do it through an option on bootup like you said. I though I would have needed a boot disk to do that.

Once again,
Thanks very much :)
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