MS Office 97 SR-2b

I recently downloaded MS Office 97 SR-2b from the net.
I then try to install this but it comes up with this message:
"The Microsoft 97 SR-2 patch cannot be applied to your computer. Either Office97 is not installed on this computer, or there are files from multiple versions of Office 97 on this computer. Try installing Office 97 or running the latest SR-1 patch to correct the problem. Or contact Microsoft Technical Support for further assistance"
I already have SR-1 and SR-2 installed on the machine.
Why is it coming up with this error message.
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LamcAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
I warned you, didn't I ? Interested in the WOW#4.44 now ?
LamcAuthor Commented:
what is WOW#4.44
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You can not install SR-2b on a SR-2 patch, at least according to WOW#4.44. You will have to download the various patches (Y2K, 'JetEngine', various security) separately.
See your previous question

This information is from copied from the following web page (which I directed you to in my previous answer: 

IMPORTANT: If you have previously installed Office 97 SR-2, you should only install the following two Year 2000 updates for Outlook and Microsoft Jet 3.5:

The Outlook update is explained and available for download in the Knowledge Base article OL97: Year 2000 Dates Are Imported and Exported Incorrectly.

The Microsoft Jet 3.5 Service Pack 2 can be obtained via the Knowledge Base article Updated Version of Microsoft Jet 3.5 Available on MSL.

Ture Magnusson
Karlstad, Sweden
As the WOW archives lag a bit I will copy and paste it here. It is very long, but it can not be helped.

Because of the copyright I have to include all of it, but it is a special issue anyway. The only editing was to remove my e-mail and delete some empty lines to compact it a little bit.

Although I try to circumvent the 'URL to Link' bug in E-E I can not guarantee that all will work.


      --==>> WOW -- WOODY's OFFICE WATCH <<==--
      (your own Microsoft Word & Office guru every week!)
     22 October 1999                           Vol 4 No 44

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  We've managed to uncover the truth behind Microsoft's
  latest update for Office 97 - and it ain't pretty. Yet
  again Office 97 users are presented with a confusing and
  unclear process - far from the ease of use Microsoft claims
  to work for.

  As in the past, WOW has a guide to Service Release
  2b.  All you need to know, from how to identify your version
  of Office 97 through to the exact steps for upgrading
  depending on what you have already.

  JOIN WOW, hear the latest Office news FREE and FIRST.  Send
  blank email or . And don't forget our free
  ACCESS database newsletter http//

      1.  OFFICE 97 SR-2b - the latest news
      2.  SR-2b REVEALED
          What's new in SR-2b?
          What do I need to install SR-2b?
          Will there be a revised 'full install' CD?
          Is the patch available now the same as last week?
          Will SR-2b and other patches work for all Office 97 setups?
          Can you tell me about the original SR-2?
          Much of what you're saying isn't on the Microsoft web site.
          Can I use the Office 97 Version Checker?
      5.  SR-2b - WHAT YOU SHOULD DO
          I have Office 97 (original release)
          I have Office 97 SR-1
          I have Office 97 SR-2 (made before the 'b' patch came out)
      6.  SR-2b IS NOT ENOUGH
      7.  WHY BOTHER?
      9.  MICROSOFT's Y2K CD
      10. EXCEL 97 SYLK PATCH - Office 97 & 2000
      13. WOW DOES Y2K
      * WOODY's CONTACTS in North America or Australia
      * ADMINISTRIVIA, subscribing, unsubscribing etc

  Before we dive into the murky world of Office 97 Service
  Releases a few notes:

  1) No, you're not stupid.  Yes, it is confusing.
  2) Why confusing?  Microsoft made it that way.
  3) Why make it that way?  There are various theories but
     whichever you choose, Office 97 customers are left with
     a large burden that Microsoft could have relieved if
     they had chosen to do so.

  1. OFFICE 97 SR-2B - THE LATEST NEWS  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Much has happened since the last issue of WOW with regards
  to the Office 97 Service Release 2b - SR-2b.  When we last
  wrote, the latest Service Release had been withdrawn,
  mainly because of a hugely misleading and hastily created
  web site.

  The original web site for the new patch 'SR-2b' was the
  same as for the earlier SR-2a - the company had merely
  changed all references from 'a' to 'b' with apparently no
  effort to ensure that the pages where still relevant in the
  new circumstances.  And a cursory reading by anyone
  familiar with the Service Releases would have revealed many

  Microsoft has acknowledged that the way SR-2b was made
  available and the web site where 'unfortunate' - which is
  the closest you'll see Microsoft come to an apology.
  Indeed 'unfortunate' is Microsoft's word of the week - it
  was regularly repeated to us as the troubles of SR-2b

  SR-2b is a misguided and poorly managed attempt to combine
  the existing SR-2 patch with some Y2K patches.  Microsoft
  wanted to release a Y2K update CD that had a 'one click'
  update to Office 97. ('One click' is PR speak for a single
  patch)  What they produced instead was a continuation of
  the Office 97 Service Release debacle that, despite claims
  to the contrary, does not meet the 'one click' criteria for
  real world customers.  Only in the idealistic fantasies of
  Microsoft managers is it a simple and easy solution.  Far
  from a single click - the Sr-2b patch makes things more
  difficult for Office 97 customers - not easier.

  In case anyone is left at Microsoft who thinks this is an
  isolated case, in the same week that SR-2b reappeared the
  company released another Excel 97 patch which had to be
  fixed when the installation process proved to be faulty.

  The SR-2b patch has been released with a proper
  accompanying web site at 
  with the file called sr2bof97.exe (23MB) - this is the same
  patch as was available last week but now it's called SR-2b
  at least on the download page.  Alas Microsoft has chosen
  not to make it easy for customers to tell what is installed
  on their computer.

  The Version Checker utility that is supposed to help
  customers identify which version of Office 97 they have
  will not be updated to allow for SR-2b, the Help | About
  screens remain the same and the VBA properties that are
  designed to identify the software version are also

  This issue of WOW is mainly devoted to explaining the
  tangled web that Microsoft has weaved for Office 97 users.

  If you think it's confusing - join the club.  It's bad
  enough for individuals, spare a thought for managers in
  large companies who are trying to keep a track of hundreds
  or thousands of computers.

  Many regular WOW readers will get a horrible sense of deja vu
  reading this issue - that's because many of the SR-2b
  problems are continuations or repeats of earlier Office 97
  update problems.

  Office 2000 users may think they've escaped this nightmare
  by upgrading - think again.  The same people responsible
  for this mess are responsible for Office 2000 updates. Be
  afraid, be very afraid.

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  2. SR-2b REVEALED  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  What's new in SR-2b?
  The only difference between the SR-2b patch and the earlier
  SR-2 patches (SR-2 and SR-2a) is the inclusion of some Y2K

  The Outlook update is explained and available for download
  in the Knowledge Base article OL97: Year 2000 Dates Are
  Imported and Exported Incorrectly. 

  The Microsoft Jet 3.5 Service Pack 2 can be obtained via
  the Knowledge Base article Updated Version of Microsoft Jet
  3.5 Available on MSL 

  Other updates that have been released by Microsoft after
  Service Release 2 was originally created have NOT been
  included in the SR2b. Despite downloading this latest
  monster 23MB update from Microsoft you do not have all the
  updates.  Later in this issue we explain how to be properly
  up to date.

  What do I need to install SR-2b?
  If you already have the SR-2 version of Office 97 on your
  computer then you can't use the new SR-2b patch.  This
  update can't tell between the different SR-2 incarnations
  and will falsely tell you that SR-2 is already installed -
  which isn't strictly true and no guide is given to the
  proper Y2K update.

  The alternative for SR-2 users is to apply the separate
  patches as follows:

  Outlook 97
  Outlook 98 

  ODBC / Jet

  The combination of the old SR-2 plus the above patches will
  bring you to the equivalent of SR-2b

  Will there be a revised 'full install' CD?
  We can't get a straight answer from Microsoft on this, but
  it's unlikely that a complete CD with all the post SR-2
  fixes integrated into a single install CD will be released.

  Is the SR-2b patch available now the same as the one I got last week?
  We're not sure at this time but it appears that if you
  downloaded the SR-2b patch when it first appeared on the
  Microsoft web site, you have the same file that is now

  Will SR-2b and other patches work for all Office 97 setups?
  The SR-2b patch is supposed to work for Office 97 in all
  its various permutations including the various stand-alone
  programs (Word 97, Excel 97 etc), Professional, Small
  Business Edition and any other marketing bundles that
  include any Office 97 component.

  At this stage the SR-2b patch is for English language
  versions only (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc).
  Microsoft says that similar patches for other languages
  will become available however no timeline is given and
  based on past experience it may be several months before
  the worldwide roll-out is complete.

  Can you tell me about the original SR-2?
  WOW has kept a close eye on the Office 97 updates - you can
  see a summary of Service Release 2 and how to get it from 

  There were two previous SR-2 patches.  The original was
  withdrawn after the company belatedly acknowledged that it
  could not always detect an existing Office 97 on the
  computer.  In Microsoft speak it "was not meeting our
  minimum requirements for successful installs" which really
  means that the installation didn't work.

  The SR-2a patch came out later with the same fixes and
  files as the original patch - but with a properly working
  installation procedure.

  Much of what you're saying isn't on the Microsoft web site.
  The Microsoft web site is not driven by a desire to ensure
  that customers can see a clear and full path for updates.
  In an effort to make things 'easy' it ignores vital
  details.  Much of what is on the site is incomplete or
  unclear.  However all the information in WOW on this topic
  has been verified by Microsoft itself after an extended
  questioning by us.

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  From the Help menu, choose About screen in any of the main
  Office 97 programs - Word 97 is a good choice:

        If the About screen says just 'Microsoft Word 97'
      - you have the original Office 97

        If the About screen says just 'Microsoft Word 97 SR-1'
      - you have Office 97 with Service Release 1 - SR-1

        If the About screen says just 'Microsoft Word 97 SR-2'
      - you have Office 97 with Service Release 2.  But you
        have no way to tell from this screen _which_ SR-2.

  The other important detail is whether you have a retail
  version of Office 97 or the OEM (Original Equipment
  Manufacturer) version.  Both are the same programs but the
  way you get some updates and support is different for OEM
  versions.  OEM versions are supplied with computers from
  makers like Dell, Gateway, Compaq etc.  Most people know
  how they bought their copy of Office - if you're unsure
  look in the Help | About screen for the Office serial
  number.  That number will have the letters OEM in it.

  Can I use the Office 97 Version Checker?
  No, the Version Checker has not been updated to tell the
  difference between SR-2b and predecessors.  Nor can it
  advise if you have a retail or OEM version.

  This renders the tool virtually useless and misleading -
  don't bother downloading it.

  4. HOW TO IDENTIFY SR-2B  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  You would think that working out if you have SR-2b would be
  easy - but Microsoft decided to obscure the issue.  Nowhere
  on the updated Office 97 will you find the magic words 'SR-2b'.

  To find out if you have SR-2b as opposed to the older SR-2
  you have to find certain files on your computer and check
  their properties.  To do that use the Find option on the
  Start menu to locate one of the files listed below.  Right
  mouse click on one of the files and choose Properties and
  the Version tab.

  FILE                  SR-2B VERSION
  msexcl35.dll              3.51.2723.3
  msjet35.dll            3.51.2723.0
  msrepl35.dll              3.51.2404.0

  5. SR-2b - WHAT YOU SHOULD DO  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  The update path for Office 97 users is unclear to most
  people, especially since the SR-2b patch will not work on
  existing SR-2 installations.  Even Microsoft recommended
  updating to SR-2 and now having SR-2 excludes many of their
  key customers from the core of their beloved 'one click'

  First you have to know which version of Office 97 you
  already have and whether you have a retail or OEM version -
  see 'How can I tell which version of Office 97 I have?'
  above for help.  Once you know what you already have, you
  can use this guide to updating Office - note the singular
  lack of 'one click' options notwithstanding Microsoft's

  I have Office 97 (original release)
  Retail customers should get the SR-2 full release CD from
  Microsoft.  This is a complete fresh CD with all the SR-1
  and SR-2 fixes integrated into it for reinstallation.
  We've long recommended getting this CD as a better option
  than a series of large and incomplete patches.  For details
  see our SR-2 coverage at 

  OEM customers can't get the SR-2 full CD because Microsoft
  and it's OEM partners will not make it available.  Your
  only option is to download the incomplete SR-1 patch from
  the Microsoft web site then the SR-2b patch.

  This will get you as far as 'SR-2b' - but there's more
  steps to go see 'SR-2b is not enough' below.

  I have Office 97 SR-1
  Retail customers should get the SR-2 full release CD from
  Microsoft.  This is a complete fresh CD with all the SR-1
  and SR-2 fixes integrated into it for reinstallation.
  We've long recommended getting this CD as a better option
  than a series of large and incomplete patches.  For details
  see our SR-2 coverage at 

  OEM customers can't get the SR-2 full CD because Microsoft
  and it's OEM partners will not make it available.  Your
  only option is to download the SR-2b patch.

  This will get you as far as 'SR-2b' - but there's more
  steps to go see 'SR-2b is not enough' below.

  I have Office 97 SR-2 (made before the 'b' patch came out)
  All users should download the two separate Y2K patches as
  listed above, this will add the new updates from the SR-2b
  release to an old SR-2 installation.

  Note that existing SR-2 users CANNOT run the 'SR-2b' patch
  - it will detect the presence of SR-2 on your computer and
  despite the fact that it is an older version of the Service
  Release, it will refuse to install.

  This will get you as far as 'SR-2b' - but there's more
  steps to go, see 'SR-2b is not enough' below.

  If you reinstall Office 97 in the future you'll have to go
  through all these step again plus those in the next

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  6. SR-2b IS NOT ENOUGH  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  In a break with their normal policy, this latest broad
  update does not incorporate various security and other
  patches that have come out since the original SR-2 patch.
  So despite Microsoft's stated wish to have a 'one click'
  update path - it is nothing of the sort.

  After you have installed SR-2b (either by applying the
  whole patch or the two Y2K patches) you're not done in
  bringing Office 97 up to date.  You need to download and
  apply the following 3 patches:

  The Word 97 Template Security Patch 

  And the Forms 2.0 Control Security Patch 

  plus the new Excel 97 SYLK patch that the Microsoft SR-2b
  site doesn't yet mention: 
  See below for more details on this patch.

  Note that you must reapply these patches after the SR-2b
  patch - even if you have already installed them.  SR-2b
  overwrites some of the files updated in the patch and you
  have to update all over again.  So much for a 'one click'

  7. WHY BOTHER ?  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Despite the obstacles put in your path, it's worth getting
  these updates.  The time spent applying the mix of patches
  is small compared with the time and frustration if you
  strike a bug or security hole that has already been
  repaired.  Think of it as preventative medicine for a
  program that most of use very regularly.

  In addition, if you do need to call Tech Support (at
  Microsoft or elsewhere) you'll strike an interesting
  phenomenon.  Unless it's a very simple problem, it is
  likely that the support person will tell you to get a fully
  up to date Office 97 installation before investigating
  further.  They'll often do this even if your problem isn't
  directly related to a fix in one of the patches.

  8. YOUR SERVICE RELEASE QUESTIONS  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  We've tried to answer the most common questions in our
  SR-2b coverage, but it is such a messy business that your
  particular situation many not be clear.

  If you have any questions after reading this issue of WOW please give
  as much detail as you can.  While we could not possibly
  answer individual messages (there are hundreds arriving
  each week) - Woody and Peter will read them all and
  endeavour to answer in a future issue of WOW.

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  9. MICROSOFT's Y2K CD  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Microsoft is selling a Y2K update CD details are at

  We've not seen this CD yet but based on the events of the
  last week for Office 97 users the CD is presumably already
  out of date.  Furthermore it doesn't comply with a 'one
  click' approach put forward by Microsoft - at least not for
  Office 97.

  The CD may have some redeeming features and we'll look at
  it closely for WOW's Y2K special issues in November.  But
  for the moment it's perhaps best to keep your money in your

  10. EXCEL 97 SYLK PATCH - Office 97 & 2000  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  In the last few days, Microsoft released another patch for
  Excel 97 to fix some macro virus security problems.  Though
  it is called the Excel 97 SYLK File Security Update it's
  actually two fixes.

  The first is a security breach that allows a possible virus
  to infect your system when importing a SYLK file.  This
  type of file can include macro code but did not trigger the
  macro virus warning as it should.  Details at 

  Secondly, when you import a Lotus 1-2-3 or Quattro Pro file
  containing macros into Excel 97, the macros are executable!
  The patch will make Excel 97 disable any macros when
  importing those types of spreadsheets.  This problem only
  affects Office 97. Details at 

  This patch requires SR-2 to be installed however the
  original release did not properly identify Office 97
  already on the computer.  Some SR-2 users could not install
  the new patch because it wrongly reported that SR-2 was not

  That problem is now fixed, according to Microsoft, if you
  downloaded the original patch you should get it again.
  Since the problem was only with the installation process
  not the update itself you do NOT have to get the revised
  patch if the original patch installed OK.

  OFFICE 2000
  For Office 2000 users you should get the SYLK patch from 

  11. MORE NEWS NEXT TIME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  There's one very special thing about this issue - it's been
  written in Italy!  WOW's editor, Peter Deegan, has
  interrupted his long planned holiday to write this guide to
  SR-2b - thus missing out on the many delights of Florence
  in the process.

  Peter would like to thank those at Microsoft, our
  advertisers and others who have gone above and beyond to
  help put this issue together despite the communication and
  timing difficulties involved.  Big Grazie to his travel
  companions Phil and Katharine, who were promised a
  computer-free and Microsoft-free vacation - and didn't get
  it.   Peter is hoping for a quiet week in Venice <g>.

  The complications of SR-2 have overwhelmed this issue.  Our
  regular columns will return in the next issue.  Due to
  Peter's shortened vacation WOW will skip a week and return
  in early November.

  Then we'll be able to fit in good news about upgrading
  Photodraw 2000 v2, news on a scheme to buy Office 2000
  Premium for US$99 (fact or scam?) plus more news and tips
  on the never ending saga of SR-2 <sigh>.  As a special
  treat, our Devil's Advocate YODA will return from a long
  slumber to explain why Microsoft can't update Office

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Lamc, upgrading to answer as question is actually answered (and with the WOW#4.44, lots of additional information is provided which would be sad to loose to the autodelete feature)

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