Win 2000 installation failed - How do I get rid of the boot menu ?

I've installed Win 2000 on my machine but decided it's too early for that and took it off again. I installed it in the same partition as my current Win 98 installation. Now I always have that annoying Win 2000 boot menu even though I don't have Win 2000 anymore and there is just one OS to boot. ow do I get rid of that boot menu ? It looks to me like a NT boot menu - at least the boot.ini looks the same - but that doesn't help me much either.
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netmageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Boot from the win98 emergency boot floppy.

At the a: prompt type sys c:

This writes the win98 boot block replacing win2000 boot block.

Your system will now boot normally.

I've fixed same problem on my computer by total reinstalling of Win98.
kjmeierAuthor Commented:
Off course I could fix all my problems by doing that - but this is my production machine and I can't reinstall all that software on here (I could but I don't want to !). Sorry - but there must be a better answer.
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Try this one:
Boot in DOS mode
type fdisk /mbr

This rebuilds the master boot record
And should remove all progjes in there
I concur with Netmage on this one!
dew associates & netmage - whats wrong with my sollution? The win2000 boot menu is started from the mbr sys will do it also but rebuilds everything the fdisk /mbr only the mbr this is the fastes way and best way to do
Its safer with sys just incase win2k was used to do the original partitioning.

It may not be the case here but it could have been.

kjmeierAuthor Commented:
Thanks, after I've figured out that sys c: doesn't work because I work on a compressed drive and used sys h: instead everything runs smooth again. Fdisk /mbr is not that useful because I work with a boot manager software - sorry, I didn't mention that earlier.
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