Diff files between 2 Sun machines

We have 2 Sun machines 6k1 ands 6k2. The 6k1 machine houses all development and staging versions of our source code and the 6k2 machine is where all production versions live. We frequently check production against staging and perform diffs between files. I would like to know if there is a way to perform a diff on files that reside on seperate machines.
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1. Best is to mount one mashine on the other, then you can simply run:
      diff file /net/6kX/path/to/file
2.  rsh 6kX cat file|diff file -
    (which needs a proper setup of ~/.rhosts)

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ktwillAuthor Commented:
What do mean by Mounting one machine on another? Is this a admin function? I can't do administor task on these machines.
Or /etc/hosts.equiv
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ktwillAuthor Commented:
I am still confused. I guess I should have added that I am new to UNIX. Mounting and /etc/hosts.equiv don't really mean anything to me. I use man to see if I figure out what you mean. I also apologize if this does not come across correctly I don't mean this negativly.
usually Solaris comes with automounter installed, so you probably can do:
      cd /net/6k2//path

if not, you may try my 2. suggestion, but please read
   man rsh
before, 'cause you need to setup ~/.rhosts (etc/hosts.equiv can only be done by an admin)
Whatever the solution, you will need to have your system admin involved.  There is several solution, I'm sure one of those will be OK with your SysAdmin security policies.  This can be:
- Mounting a read-only file system from one machine to another with NFS
- Mirroring a file system with rdist
- Establishing secure login across machine with rsh & rlogin

ktwillAuthor Commented:
I used your 2) solution and it seemed to solve my problem.
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