Cacel Populating Spread Control

I am using Farpoint Spread control to populated the data and i am using VB 6.0 and ADO. Before i poulate the spread control i am using aynchronus connection becuase i am getting 15 to 20 thousand records. And i am using my Spread control in virtual mode. I am calling a routine in Form_Load event to do all this. Briefly the code loooks like this

I have all connectionstring and variable declarations.

Set cnn_Rinfo = New ADODB.Connection
   cnn_Rinfo.Open gConnStr$, , , adAsyncConnect   'here setting the connection for asynchronous
While (cnn_Rinfo.State = adStateConnecting)
   'here i am setting up the fpspread sheet maxrows after getting the total number of records
    fpSpread.VirtualMaxRows = gcount
    ' Set the max number of rows or records to keep in memory
    fpSpread.VirtualOverlap = gcount
    fpSpread.VirtualRows = gcount
    fpSpread.VirtualMode = True
    fpSpread.VirtualScrollBuffer = False
    fpSpread.VScrollSpecial = True
   With Adodc1    
       .ConnectionString = gConnStr$
       .RecordSource = ssql
   End With
   Set fpSpread.DataSource = Adodc1

I want user to have control to stop the process at anystage by showing a form with "cancel button". I do not know exactly how to do this. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. I hope i explained well what my problem is.
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U add a Doevents before the code

   Set fpSpread.DataSource = Adodc1
 and after the Code another DoEvents.
  and even place a Doevents in the Cancel Button as the first code in the button click control. This will Solve u'r problem.

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Venkat try this code if it not works get back to me , Meanwhile i try with other possibilities.

svenkatapuramAuthor Commented:

Thank you  for your answer. But still i am not able to have control to cancel while populating the spread control. The only way i thought i can do is running the spread control in virtual mode, and setting the virtual rows property to 100. But if i set like this it is populating the srpead control only with 100 records and even if i click the scroll bar it is not showing the next 100 records. If you know anything let me know.

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