need a way to copy phone/address books

I have not been able to find a way to copy my email address book or my phone book numbers in my communications program.  This is discouraging to do everything over when I reformat.  There is no copy option and doesn't seem to be a folder with such info. in it that I can locate.  Is there something I'm missing so I don't lose this info. when I reformat?  I run Windows 95 and have a Packard Bell Pentium computer.
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Not likely with a Packard Bell.  If you Email them, send them to yourself or a friend and retrieve them after you reinstall and get back on the net.  By the way, ensure you have all the Packard Bell Supplied drivers you will need, because the Microsoft Windows 95 CD will not support the components in that machine most likely.  Packard Bells are proprietary and take an off the shelf accessory and park there BIOS between it and Windows.  Good Luck!
What is you communication program ?

Arnon David.
Packard Bell has their own Communication Program normally.
tomarcaAuthor Commented:
There is no way to email items in the phone book or the internet email address book.
You lost me after the first sentence.
If I were to reformat everything is back the way it used to be (but no addresses).  I have a CD that came with it to do that.  Can you explain a little better about parking stuff between BIOS and Windows?  ( I guess the bottom line is you're trying to tell me I probably can't copy my addresses.)
Did not mean to confuse the situation.  If you have the Packard Bell CD you should be alright for reinstalling.  When I say that Packard Bell parks itself between BIOS and Windows, what I mean is that they take the standard BIOS and modify it by placing what you would call a secondary BIOS over the standard, like an Award PnP Bios.  What they can do is then control the devices the way they want, not the way the manufacturers drivers would normally, thus necessitating special drivers from Packard Bell or another device that is  compatiable.

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