invoking servlet?

What is meant by invoking a servlet and How to invoke servlet?
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fvictorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Invoking a servlet is nothing but calling the servlet. Inorder to incoke a servlet one has to include in the html file the reference to the servlet you are calling. eg. the POST operation of a submit button referencing a particular servlet.
A servlet is the server side equivalent of an applet and can be used in place of a CGI script. Servlets can be invoked via the <SERVLET> HTML tag....Gary
servlet is not exactly 'the server side equivalent of an applet'

servlet is Web server extension (just like CGI). when you make HTTP request to  the servlet URL, your web server will create new servlet object and return the page generated from this (servlet) object.
invoking a servlet means send a request to it. (usualy http request)

you can invoke a servlet by typing it's URL in the address bar of a browser or by clicking on a link that points to the servlet (href="servletURL"). The servlet runs on a server and the server must be configured to properly redirect some request to the servlet.

a servlet URL may look like :

all URLs starting with may call the same servlet. p2/info-info is additional info ignored by the server but usefull for the servlet.

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