Help how do i get on the search engines listings!!

I will give all my points away if somebody can tell me the trick on how to get listed on the search engines!
I have 23 websites about to go belly up because every time i submitt my sites they do not even get listed,never mind in a top postion!
I have designed my sites to be a replica of the top sites on the search engines,thinking this would be a sure way to get top listings,"wrong" its been over six months & still no luck!! help please!!!
If you know & have been throuht this & found a a solution to the problem please let me know how.
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Well this is  loaded question ...not really any way that someone could explain in a forum like this ...if they try they dont know what they are doing either.

In short .... (most)Search engines use spiders to search the first several pages of your site to "categorize" it. If your titles and page names arent using keywords CHANGE THEM...all of your images should be named using the keywords that you want the search engines to find...alternate text for each image should also be KEYWORDS ...DO NOT simply place a bunch of keywords in hidden text on your page ..this will get you kicked off. You can embed keywords but dont use the same words over and over in sequence ..break them up.
META TAGS are VERY important also.... two meta tags are critical on your first pages... Title and description.
Now the part that nobody can type up here ...EVERY search engine has different cataloging techniques,trying to explain compatibility here would be quite futile. The best suggestion is finding pages on the web that go into great detail on this topic (and there are many that do !!) they will define in detail what you need to do to rework your site to be listed with most MAJOR engines. Another note ...NEVER submit your site more that 3 times a year to any search company ...that offers a good chance of your listing being booted ...kinda like spamming ...evryone ignores it. The search companies have rules just like everyone else ya know.
If you want to send me an email I will be happy to forward some links to webpages that go into detail on these procedures.Lastly ...all those FREEBIE sites that list you with 30-700 search engines ...most are JUNK ...IF they do list you sometimes it takes MONTHS ...sometimes they do nothing at all ...although there are a few out there that let you fill out a form (very critical to do properly again) and then let you submit that form over and over to the search companies. WHile on this note ... dont expect overnight results ...even a properly done submission by a profeesional company takes upto 3 months to appear on a search !! (SERIOUSLY)
OK Hope this helps...dont get frustrated  !


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Choose One Two or Three keywords ONLY.
Some companies except 3 others only two ! If you can choose one keyword that you think people would look for use it...if it takes two, good ...three, so so.
poulesAuthor Commented:
Randy,If you have any additional comments regarding affective search engine placement please feel free to e-mail me.
Thanks for your help. ,Darrren
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